2022 Digitalization of Traditional Medicine Global Summit Successfully Held in Macau

Joint discussion on digitization through inter-trust initiatives China and ASEAN countries

macau, October 28, 2022 Here’s a report from /PRNewswire/ — macau business Tony Lai:

Conference on Digitalization of Traditional Complementary Medicine (TCM) Industry Held macau On Friday (October 21, 2022), we will promote innovation in this sector and strengthen the role of the city’s platform in it.

The 2022 Global Summit of Digitalization in Traditional Medicine was hosted by the Macau TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience Center under the approval of the World Federation of Chinese Medical Societies. (WFCMS), Attracted over 200 guests from the mainland ChinaEngland, macau, MalaysiaThailand, Japan, and other regions that participated in the event online and offline.

Elsie Ao Ieong U, Minister of Social Affairs and Culture, emphasized the importance of herbal medicine industry for the economic diversification of cities beyond games in her remarks at the opening ceremony of the summit. Authorities deploy measures and policies. StrengthenRegarding the competitiveness of exporting locally branded TCM products, she said.

Chiang Harumotothe president of the Macau TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience Center behind the event also said: macau Given its reputation for providing quality products to consumers, the development of the TCM industry has an advantage.

He added that the Macau TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Experience Center has signed a cooperation agreement with the National Key Institute of Chinese Medicine Quality Research (SKL). macau The University of Science and Technology (MUST) was commissioned to establish SKL’s Digital Center and apply big data, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies to certify the quality of TCM ingredients and products.

Huang Luqi, Deputy Director General of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, and national health officials Thailand When Malaysiaalso spoke at the summit, addressing various topics such as the digitization of traditional medicines, TCM-based tourism, and financial services. In addition, macau Economy and Treasury Secretary Wray Wynon He also attended the summit celebrations held on Friday night.

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