5 Exercises Trainers Swear To Slow Muscle Aging

Let’s end the bad news first. Muscle mass decreases every decade after he turns 30. This decline accelerates after he turns 60. Good news. This natural decline can be prevented. We’ve rounded up five exercises trainers swear by to slow down muscle aging, so lace up your sneakers and let’s get started.

According to a review published in Current opinion on clinical nutrition and metabolic careloss of muscle mass, function, and strength are major causes of disability in older adults, and the risk of falls and injuries increases with age. The risks are also significantly increased.

With smart resistance training exercises on the deck, you can build a solid fitness plan that will increase muscle size, improve joint health, bone strength and overall cardiovascular health. . Here are five great exercises to slow down muscle aging. They are highly effective and easy to learn and implement.

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Squats are a great way to build lower body muscle, strength and power. This variation reduces strain on joints and improves balance and stability. This becomes important with age.

To do a split squat, place one leg about three feet in front of the other so your knees are at the bottom at two 90-degree angles. Drop straight down and run on your front heel. Don’t let your front knee go past your toes.

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Mature plank push ups
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Push-ups are a great upper body exercise for professional athletes and beginners alike. Strengthen your chest, shoulders, arms and even your core muscles.

Get into a push-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart. Keep your hips flat and don’t let your hips sag. Lower your body and descend, keeping your elbows close to your torso. To make this exercise more difficult, raise your leg. To make it easier, raise your hand on the bench.

A woman demonstrating a one-arm rowing exercise that slows down muscle aging
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Rowing is an essential exercise to target your upper back and arms. With a strong back, you can maintain better posture, enjoy healthier shoulders, and even see that strength carry over to the rest of your body!

Set the cable handle at chest height. Grab the handle, step back, and stand facing the cable. Begin the movement by pulling your shoulder blades toward your midline and rowing without twisting your torso. Then switch sides.

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Career is one of the easiest ways to build total body strength, core stability, and better conditioning. This applies to everyday life as well. Imagine carrying groceries with ease.

To get the movement right, grab a heavy dumbbell in one hand, keep your chest up, your shoulder blades in, and your body level as you walk.

female hip extension
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This is a very easy exercise to strengthen your hamstrings, glutes and more. This is important because hip strength is the foundation of athletic performance. The stronger your hips, the stronger the rest of your body. Strong hips also mean happy knees and happy hips.

To set up, lie on your back and bend one knee into a 90 degree angle. Extend the other leg straight out. With your legs bent, squeeze your glutes, push your heels up, push your hips up, and keep your hips horizontal as you rise. Keep your straight leg straight and in line with your torso throughout the exercise.

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