After Supreme Court quota ruling, Nitish Kumar revives old demands

Nitish Kumar Says Caps Are Stealing Opportunities For OBCs (Other Backwards Classes)


A day after the Supreme Court upheld a 10% quota of centers for the poor or EWS (economically vulnerable) in employment and education, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar called for a nationwide caste census, Tamil Nadu state A counterpart of MK Stalin’s party, his government will challenge the decision in court.

The Supreme Court said quotas are not discriminatory and do not change the basic structure of the constitution. After losing the three main states in the north.

MK Stalin’s political party DMK files a petition for retrial with the Supreme Court. “The ruling hits the heart of equality enshrined in the Constitution,” the party said, adding that the quota was “contrary to social justice and equality” and set back a century-old struggle for social justice. said.

Stalin also called for an all-party rally on Saturday to discuss how to proceed.

Nitish Kumar said the 50% cap on reserved land in the country should be lifted.

“The Supreme Court decision was fair enough. We have always supported quotas. But it is time to raise the 50% cap. (lower classes) are given opportunities in proportion to the population,” said OBC leader and national limelight amid turmoil over the Mandal Commission’s recommendations on the allocation of backward castes. Kumar, who was bathed in water, said.

He called for new estimates of the sizes of different social groups, adding that he had also raised the need for a caste census with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year.

“We were told states could keep such personnel. We did that exercise. There is,” said the prime minister.

Mr. Kumar’s former ally, the BJP, mocked Mr. Kumar’s comments, claiming they were “clearly unhappy” with poor upper castes getting quotas.

The call to remove the 50% cap was first made by Lalu Yadav of RJD. Nitish Kumar overthrew his BJP and in August he set up a new government with RJD.

The Congress Party supports the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“We welcome it. Designated castes and designated tribes should obtain reservations based on population. Lower classes should obtain reservations according to the Mandal Commission. I We are upholding the court’s decision.” Governing Chhattisgarh.

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