Authors share a symbiotic approach to whole-body health

Yueh-Ching Chung has been active since he was young. As she engages in physical activities such as sports and dance, she knows the importance of moving her body with purpose. Fusing the ancient traditions of Chinese philosophy and exercise with the scientific knowledge of Western medicine, Chung developed a purposeful exercise system. This she shares in her new book, One Body, One Life Within your Control.

Chung’s exercise system was designed to help readers rebuild a fundamental focus on anatomy and kinematics that they may have missed when they began participating in their chosen exercise or sport. consists of one program. Chung hopes that this newfound knowledge and awareness will help readers understand how to use the correct muscles and use the correct techniques to improve proper alignment.

“This program can be applied to any physical activity,” says Chung. “Acquiring these skills is a satisfying growth process that creates confidence and improved health.”

This book covers the three basics of breathing, nutrition and exercise. With these tenets, Chung shares how readers can reach optimal health. Additionally, Chung has created over 100 of her YouTube videos to help readers progress through the exercises in the book.

“One Body, One Life within your Control: An Iconic Approach to Wellness”

By Yueh-Ching Chung

ISBN: 9781982269883 (softcover); 9781982272753 (electronic)

Available at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

About the author

Yueh-Ching Chung has been involved in movement-based activities, sports and arts since 1969. She grew up in Taiwan, Republic of China and immigrated to the United States in 1976. She is the founder and director of Heights of Wellness. She is a cutting-edge movement and wellness studio founded in 2005. Chung blends the ancient traditions of Chinese philosophy and movement with the scientific knowledge of Western medicine. She developed The Purposeful Exercise System, a program that focused on the missing fundamentals of movement.She taught Stott her Pilates, Qi Gong/Tai Chi, and improved circulation, flexibility, and fitness. , range of motion and core sensation. She incorporates the use of massage therapy, acupressure, and energy work to relieve accumulated stress in the mind and body and promote clearer thinking. It integrates a sense of self-awareness, self-healing and expression to bridge health. For more information, please visit

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