Brady, Buchanan, Biden administrations warn not to destroy key documents on unilateral rewriting of Obamacare

including health insurance 30% jump And the decision of the Biden administration unilaterally rewrite Obamacare, the key document underpinning the movement, must not be destroyed before it is turned over to Congress, the head of the House Ways and Means Republican Party wrote.

Ways and Means Republican Leaders Rep. Kevin Brady (Republican-Texas) With Republican Leaders of the Health Subcommittee Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-Florida) wrote letter We ask the Treasury Department to keep a record of how this administration justified its violations of the law for ten years, and to produce them at their long-standing request.

In the letter, the member wrote:

It is unfortunate and unacceptable that the government has not responded adequately to date. Transparency is essential because it promotes accountability and keeps Congress and the American people informed about what the federal government is doing. Americans deserve to know how their government works and how decisions are made.

This is especially important when the administration makes unilateral policy decisions without Congressional action, and the expected impact of such policies is very serious. For example, it is estimated that of the approximately 5 million people affected by this illegal expansion, approximately 90% already have health insurance. Worse, the rule could add $34 billion to government spending over a decade, projected to displace private sector healthcare spending.

Read the full letter here.

Important points:

The Biden administration unilaterally and illegally rewrote Obamacare.

  • President Biden illegally changed laws enacted through regulatory action without congressional action.
  • Despite pressure from Democrats to make changes to Obamacare after it passed, the Obama administration decided it didn’t have the authority to do so. This is consistent with both the text of the law and the analysis of the law by the bipartisan Joint Taxation Commission (JCT).
  • Along with the Obama Treasury Department, 51 congressional Democrats agreed that Congress must pass legislation to change the eligibility rules.

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Republicans called for transparency about how the administration justified the law change.

  • The Obamacare legislative text makes it clear that employees with affordable coverage (as defined by law) should not receive federal aid to cover dependents.
  • Republican leader Rep. Verne Buchanan (R-Florida) offer A resolution of an inquiry seeking a record of how the White House justified violating a decade of lawful enforcement of the law – but Democrats rejected the resolution.
  • administration too conference ducked With a stakeholder group who felt the proposed rule should be withdrawn “because it is an unacceptable interpretation of the law and bad policy”.

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Illegally rewriting Obamacare without Congress shows that Democrats know it’s broken and will do nothing to address high health care costs.

  • of health insurance premiums jumped That’s the highest percentage ever, almost 30% last year.
  • Instead of working across the aisle to bring down the true cost of healthcare, the Biden administration has continued to raise premiums by increasing and expanding subsidies.
  • The average price paid for health insurance (“premium”) jumped 143% between 2013 and 2019.
  • At the same time, premiums have more than doubled in individual markets and deductibles for ACA-compliant coverage have increased. gain An average of 35%, $1,700 or more for individuals and $3,600 or more for families.
  • Over 10 years, medical expenses per capita gain 28.7 percent.

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