Burn Fat and Build Muscle in 4 Minutes

The term “tabata”, like other phrases like “HIIT,” “circuit,” and “cardio,” is so pervasive in our exercise vocabulary that we stop thinking about what it is. rarely. actually meaning.

“Tabata” or “Tabata Protocol” was originally developed by the head coach of Japan’s Olympic speed skating team and named after the sports scientist who studied the protocol, Izumi Tabata. Tabata concludes that breaking his 4-minute strenuous exercise into 8 reps, 8 reps of up to 20 seconds each, with just 10 seconds of rest in between, is an absolute beastly workout. I’m sure you’ve heard the “everlasting happiness” part of this story that I’ve attached. When it comes to building fitness and burning fat. Thus, the “20 on, 10 off” Tabata protocol was born.

Dr. Tabata’s discoveries subsequently spawned the Countess’ offshoot of the 20/10 protocol, but none of them were accomplished. nearby things original result.

You can see that the subjects in Tabata’s study not only trained hard for that 20-second effort, they trained. beyond hard70% more than hardware to be exact. To adequately meet the requirements of Tabata’s protocol, each 20-second bout had to be performed at 170% of the athlete’s “maximal oxygen uptake.” Break, I might die, 62 seconds of effort.

The idea is to stretch all the benefits from that incredibly hard 1-minute max effort into 4 minutes. Effectively quadruple your return on investment. These short 10 second breaks are However You have enough grace to do this, but no more.


After a thorough but non-tiring warm-up (Tabata’s guinea pigs jog for 5 minutes at a conversational pace), they pick up the air bike and perform a 1-minute maximum effort to break the ball with all their might. If you can lift yourself off the floor without crossing your eyes, look at the average “Watts” you managed in one minute. That’s the goal for the next part of the workout.

After the “test round”, rest for 3-4 minutes, then open a fresh can of Tabata by following the steps below.

Air bike: 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest x 4 minutes @ 100% of 1 minute pace

Set up on your bike. Keep your back straight and adjust your saddle so your knees are slightly bent at the bottom of the cycle. However, you want your arm to be almost perfectly straight with every single turn of the handle on him. Look at the “Watts” section of the display and tap the bike hard until your target wattage appears. Try not to get upset, keep your head up and hold your breath. keep that wattage. Stop abruptly at the 22 second mark. You’ll recover a bit in 10 seconds, so focus on your breathing, make every second count, and try to stay calm. When the clock hits 30 seconds, it hits that wattage again. and again. and again. If you hit (and maintain) your target wattage in all 8 rounds, congratulations! Now you can say that you have done Tabata training.

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