CMS Approves Arkansas Medicaid Waiver to Address SDOH

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has approved a proposed amendment to Arkansas’ Medicaid Section 1115 Demo. It tests interventions to address housing and food insecurity and other critical health-related social needs.

Similar to the recently approved Section 1115 demonstration initiatives in Arizona, Massachusetts, and Oregon, the Arkansas Health and Me Opportunities (ARHOME) Demonstration Amendment will provide medically necessary support services. designed to improve health and well-being outcomes for beneficiaries at risk. Especially for young people, pregnant and postpartum women, and those dealing with a diagnosis of mental illness or substance use.

“With this demonstration, Arkansas has taken an important step forward in advancing holistic care for people with health-related social needs,” CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure said in a statement. “We are pleased to partner with the state to advance services and supports that can expand access to high-quality, affordable care for people’s comprehensive health needs.”

The approved amendments address various health-related social needs of target populations through intensive care coordination and other person-centered support provided by Life360 HOMEs. Life360 HOMEs are designed to connect people to needed medical services and community support while actively engaging participants. in promoting one’s health.

The state will work with local hospitals and community partners to promote three types of Life360 HOME:

  • Rural Life360 HOMEs supports individuals living in rural areas with a diagnosis of serious mental illness and/or substance use.
  • Maternal Life360 HOMEs supports individuals with high-risk pregnancies up to two years postpartum.When
  • Success Life360 HOMEs targets young adults (ages 19-24) and veterans at high risk of long-term poverty and poor health due to previous incarceration, involvement in foster care, or involvement in the juvenile justice system. support. Young people aged 19-30 who are at high risk of becoming homeless.

CMS also authorizes the State of Arkansas to provide or expand certain other services that address the health-related social needs of Life 360 ​​HOME beneficiaries. These include critical nutrition services, case management, outreach and education.

CMS approval of these services supports the efforts of the Biden Harris Administration to address diet-related diseases and improve health and nutrition, as highlighted in the Administration’s National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health. It’s part of it.

In addition, CMS approves the funding of certain infrastructure investments related to health-related social needs. Consistent with CMS requirements for demonstrations in Section 1115, Arkansas must systematically monitor demonstrations and conduct rigorous independent evaluations to determine results and impact.

Lack of secure housing and nutrition can hinder access to health insurance and needed care. This can lead to physical, social or emotional distress, fueling a vicious cycle of health inequalities. Support Services Approved for this demonstration CMS will test interventions to stabilize and improve the housing and nutrition of eligible Medicaid participants and increase their likelihood of continuing to receive and benefiting from eligible services. increase.

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