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For CrossFit Games athlete Brittany Weiss, nothing might make more of an impact than an assault bike. Bicycles use electric fans to generate resistance. In other words, the more you pedal, the harder your body works. The pumping and pedaling of the arms used in the exercise provides a full-body workout, helping to regulate metabolism and improve endurance.

Two-time CrossFit Games athlete Brittany Weiss is no stranger to these benefits, despite her love-hate relationship with the bike. It’s now a constant in her off-season training, and she’s starting to hate it so much.

Brittany Weiss spoke muscle and fitness Why assault bikes are for those who want to increase their output and build a foundation for cardio. She also provided some helpful tips for getting the most out of any workout involving the bike, providing one of her recent workouts.

Advantages of assault bikes

I have a love/hate relationship with assault bikes ([aughs]I’m not a very powerful athlete, so I can really benefit from an assault bike. A bike is all about power output, how well you can deliver everything, and how fast you can go with it. It’s not about picking up the pace and staying at this level. In fact, improving the output is really good. One of his “favorite” workouts on the assault bike is his 20-30 sets of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Go for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat. It also builds the engine, aerobic base and power.

get on and go

Every day, the workout incorporates a machine. Right now it’s the off-season and I’m riding a bike that I’m not good at, so assault bikes are a daily routine (laughs). But I feel that an assault bike is something you can just ride and do it. It’s kind of like a warm-up. That’s why I recommend it to those who are wondering whether to get it or not. All you have to do is throw on some headphones, hop on your bike and just start running.

Brittany Weiss shares her tips for adding variety

If you want leg pumps, you can do 5-10 rounds, depending on where you are. Think 8 calories, 20 air squats, rest for 60 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times. At first, he’s doing squats, and knowing he can rest on the remaining 8 calories helps him push a little harder. You can do the same with burpees. Or you can add EMOM. EMOM for 12-20 minutes. 45 seconds on the bike, 15 seconds rest. That’s the first minute. Second minute, burpee for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, repeat for 12-20 minutes.

Nice Inn, Drive Down

I’ve seen memes describing different assault bike techniques and what they look like when they get tired. But I think the biggest thing you need to focus on is not moving your body from side to side or swinging everything around. Concentrated. I also use my arms, so my arms and legs get stronger. When you’re pushing down, you’re pulling. I don’t want to relax anywhere. The grip can be a little more relaxed, but think about pulling on the handlebars, pushing down on the pedals, and keeping your knees in line. Sometimes when you feel that your knee is dislodged, you don’t put much power into the pedal.On an assault bike, you want power and power.

Focus on your reasons when you are in a difficult situation

Think about where you are and where you want to go. For me, the message I’m telling myself about where I want to go is more important. Where I want to reach is not easy, but if I can stay here and put all my focus and all my energy here, it will set me where I want to be in my athletic career. It’s a big part. The way you talk to yourself is how you act. If you tell yourself you can and have positive self-talk, you can go far beyond expectations. I always try to encourage people by letting them know that the way they talk to themselves is important. That’s how I approach all my training.

Brittany Weiss eats carbs for recovery

carbohydrate! people are afraid of them. Carbohydrates are your friend in fitness and everything. Soda is something I personally like to do. After such a hard workout, I don’t like to eat. I’d rather drink my own calories. I feel like there are a lot of people like that. When I’m doing something high intensity, I’m not very hungry. But your body needs food and nutrients to recover. I love having a carb drink right after and you’ll be amazed at how you feel 30 minutes later.

Brittany Weiss Assault Bike Workout

  • time: 8 minutes
  • set: 4-5 sets
  • goal: 60-80 calories as soon as possible. Rest the rest of the time. Repeat after 8 minutes.

It really depends on you how hard you want to push and how much rest you want to have before your next set. If I was giving a female/male calorie ratio, males are clearly more powerful. I burn 60 calories in 8 minutes, and my man probably burns 80. This is actually really dangerous. He is happy that he completed the first set in four minutes, but finds himself having to repeat it over and over again.

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