Elation Health and Ribbon Health partners offer superior referral management

Partnership gives users direct access to accurate and actionable data on doctors, insurance plans, costs and quality of care

San Francisco, November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Elation Health, a clinical-first platform driving the future of sustainable primary care, and Ribbon Health, a leader in provider data management, today announced that Elation and Ribbon have partnered to offer Ribbon announced the integration of its patient data solution into the Elation Health solution. A primary care electronic health record (EHR) platform. Her more than 24,000 clinicians across the Elation community access Ribbon’s provider her directory data to enhance referral management workflows, while reducing administrative burden and allowing physicians more time to care for patients. will be able to divide Elation’s customers also leverage Ribbon’s plan information and provider partnership data, demographic information and clinical focus to facilitate cost-effective, high-quality patient-provider matching. Options are also available.

A staggering 50% of records in publicly available electronic health care providers contain at least one inaccuracy, giving providers and care navigators the ability to guide patients to quality care. It makes it difficult to access the most basic information you need. In addition to basic directory information, the provider has more nuanced data that may be important to making informed decisions about his care, such as the insurance the provider accepts and the cost and quality of the provider’s care. there is not. As a result, poor or inaccessible data can cause patients to opt out of the healthcare system entirely.

“Our ultimate vision is to create an easy-to-navigate world in healthcare. Ribbon enriches thousands of data points about providers, creating a trusted single source for accurate and actionable provider information. We will create a single source of information.” Nate Maslak, co-founder and CEO of Ribbon Health. “Elation’s mission is deeply aligned with ours to provide affordable access to quality care. It can enhance streamlined referrals for its patients while improving access to better care. Big.”

Ribbon Health is building the infrastructure to transform care decisions for billions. Integrating with Elation’s EHR platform will enable more primary care clinicians to experience a streamlined and superior referral management process, freeing up more time for direct patient care . Together, Elation and Ribbon improve the patient experience by ensuring that people are referred to high-quality professionals within their network. Experts meet unique clinical needs, account for diverse patient preferences, and provide transparent insight into healthcare costs.

“We are excited to partner with Ribbon Health to deliver innovative data solutions within Elation’s intuitive platform to facilitate technology-enabled team-based care.” Pratik Sabai, CTO of Elation Health. “Thoughtful and informed referrals to other clinicians are an important part of the primary care toolkit. It fits well with our policy of focus.”

Elation’s Modern, Open, Cloud-Native Platform Helps Leading Enterprise Primary Care Innovator Successfully Deliver Value-Based Care, Reducing Healthcare Costs by 30% and Quartering Expensive Professional Referrals We are achieving results such as reducing

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About Elation Health

Elation Health is the most trusted technology platform for high-value primary care. Since 2010, the company has delivered clinical-first solutions built on collaborative electronic health records (EHRs). This solution helps primary care organizations start, grow, and succeed in providing the highest quality, personalized care to their patients. Elation supports primary care clinicians by reducing administrative burden and restoring the doctor-patient relationship. The company serves her 24,000 clinicians who care for more than 12 million Americans. This includes thousands of small independent practitioners and large, prominent digital health innovators. Elation Health also looks ahead to his progress in the year ahead, $50 million The company plans to raise its Series D funding in July 2022 to continue investing in its rapidly expanding technology and services. Learn more at, LinkedIn, and more. twitter.

About Ribbon Health

Ribbon Health partners with innovators to transform the way healthcare decisions are made. Ribbon’s data platform provides healthcare companies with actionable provider information such as insurance coverage, pricing and performance. With Ribbon, healthcare companies can empower people to make informed decisions about their care by finding reliable and affordable providers. For more information on the Ribbon Health suite of solutions, visit or find us on LinkedIn. twitter.

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