Fresh Abortion Rights Victory Michigan Providers Accept Out-of-State Patients


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Today’s edition: Summary of the race called yesterday and its meaning. Michigan’s abortion rights bill could provide guidance for other states. But first…

Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina can continue to offer abortions to women in surrounding states

Ann Arbor, Michigan — Hannah Rosenfield I woke up at 5am yesterday and felt a wave of relief.She would be able to continue the abortion on her own terms.

Planned Parenthood doctors drive two hours to a clinic in Ann Arbor, where they see patients several times a month. Staff greeted each other with hugs and tears.

“I feel like a lot of this weight has been taken away,” Rosenfield said in an interview hours after Michigan voters passed a bill to put abortion rights into the state’s constitution. You can breathe.”

Voters, in Michigan and elsewhere across the country, have voted to step up legal abortion in a handful of states. Providers are flooding their states with women wanting abortions and are beginning to work on ways to serve them more permanently.

Nearly three in 10 voters said abortion was their number one issue, making it the second most important issue in the midterm elections. Abortion was particularly motivating for Democrats, helping secure state-level victories for the party and pushing ballot measures through even Republican-leaning states. The loss irritated anti-abortion opponents who criticized Republicans for avoiding the issue.

Some states that continue to serve as access points for patients traveling for abortions are listed below.

Abortion is already legal here, as the state’s 1931 near-total ban was blocked by the courts. But passing the ballot measure is aimed at preventing bans and other restrictions from taking effect at a later date, said specialist clinic operators.

“We were in Access, but we always felt a little uncertain,” he said. Sarah Wallett chief medical officer Planned parenthood in Michigan. Her staff will assess how the midterm elections will affect abortion rights in surrounding states and what that means for providers in those states.

Since the Supreme Court ruling was overturned, we have already seen a significant increase in patients traveling from out of state. Law vs Wade In June, that number tripled in a matter of weeks. Clinics are hiring more staff to meet demand and reduce wait times. They have deployed patient navigators to help with the logistics of getting appointments in states hundreds of miles from where the woman lives.

Democrats keep governor’s mansion after state attorney general Josh Shapiro It has established itself as the last line of defense for abortion access in the state. Abortion is legal in Pennsylvania up to the 24th week of pregnancy and only if the mother’s life or health is in danger.

Melissa Reed President and CEO parent-child relationship Keystoneoperates eight clinics in Pennsylvania and has doubled the number of out-of-state patients.

After the Supreme Court’s ruling, Reed and her team began running out post-election scenarios. Shapiro’s victory will cement Pennsylvania’s protection against abortion in the short term, but it also means the surge in cases will continue.

They considered their next steps. If Shapiro wins, “How can we continue to provide care to as many people as possible who travel here? It expands the possibilities even further,” she said.

Republicans in the state legislature failed to obtain a veto majority. In other words, a democratic government. Roy Cooper Continue to block restrictions on abortion passed by Republican lawmakers. Abortion is legal in North Carolina up to the 20th week of pregnancy, making it a destination for many abortion seekers in the Southeast.

“I wanted people to understand what was at stake in this election,” he said as he voted ahead of the midterm elections. Tara Romano executive director of Pro Choice North CarolinaAbortion Rights Advocacy Group.

North Carolina is 37 percent Abortion surge from April to August — the biggest increase of any state, according to data from . We count organizer Family Planning Society, I support abortion rights. Last month, state abortion providers asked the court to allow more medical professionals, including physician assistants, nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives, to prescribe medical abortions.

Michigan abortion rights measures template for 2024 strategy

Michigan’s abortion rights ballot measure could serve as a model for other advocates seeking to protect access to abortion procedures in restricted states.

“Our overwhelming victory provides a model for the future of coalition-based reproductive voting initiatives across the country.” Nicole Wells Stallworthexecutive director of Advocate for Family Planning in Michigan, said at a press conference in Detroit.

Abortion was put to ballots in five states this week, but Michigan is the only place where supporters have collected signatures to present a constitutional amendment to voters. The message used to defeat the anti-abortion amendment in Kentucky and Kansas could be rolled out in other states.

Abortion rights advocates are considering a ballot measure to protect abortion rights in the 2024 state constitution. Rachel Sweet The person who managed abortion rights campaigns in Kentucky and Kansas told The Health 202.

sweet every state encouraged Advocates can collect signatures to allow and consider giving voters direct access to abortion“We definitely want to be able to use the campaigns we ran in Kansas and Kentucky as a resource,” Sweet said in an interview, warning that campaigning for ballot measures is a large and expensive undertaking. did.

But that strategy has its limits. According to the National Congress of States, only about half of states allow citizen initiative in balloting, and voters can directly amend their constitutions through such petitions in only 18 states.

Secure Kentucky Access:

In other abortion news…

The day after Kentucky voters rejected an anti-abortion constitutional amendmentthe state’s Republican Attorney General continued to argue that there are no “hidden” protections against abortion in the Kentucky Constitution and said the state’s near-total ban should remain in place, our colleagues Kim Belware I am writing.

state attorney general Daniel Cameron It filed a motion in the Kentucky Supreme Court yesterday, and Tuesday’s ballot said, Law vs Wade

Congressional control is still at a loss

The balance of power in the Capitol is still unknown.

The race for control of the Senate heats upBut final results can take weeks: Raphael G. Warnock and Republican Challenger herschel walker Both candidates will head to the runoff ballot on December 6th. 50 percent of voting to win the contest outright. The Arizona and Nevada Senate elections are also too close as of 7:30 am.

Republicans are still predicted to overthrow the House, But with a much smaller margin than they expected.minority leader Kevin McCarthy (California) was fully convinced his party would take control of the House to begin campaigning for the presidency yesterday, our colleague Amy Wang report.

Dive deeper into national results

At the Governor’s Mansion in Kansas

Democratic governor Laura Kelly narrowly secured her reelection bid for the state’s third-term Republican Attorney General Derek SchmidtKelly has reiterated her support For abortion rights since Kansas overwhelmingly rejected an anti-abortion vote bill earlier this year. However, Kelly didn’t make the issue a centerpiece of the campaign.

The incumbent had the upper hand in the race for Attorney General

In Georgia: Republican Attorney General Chris Kerr He defeated a challenge from a Democratic state senator to secure a second term as the state’s chief attorney general. Jen JordanCarr moved to enact a state ban on abortion after fetal heart activity was detected after the Supreme Court overturned it. egg.

Michigan: Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel Retains her seat for another four years after she defeats her Republican opponent Matthew DepernoShe campaigned in support of abortion rights.

Wisconsin: Democratic Attorney General Josh Cowl won re-election over his Republican rival Eric TonyCowl filed a lawsuit to overturn the state’s 1849 abortion ban.

And in the state legislature, some Democratic pickup

  • Democratic Party regained control of Michigan House When Senate for the first time in almost 40 years on Tuesday. Gretchen Whitmer (D) also won her reelection bid. detroit free press report.
  • Democrats in spectacular chaos dominated In the Minnesota legislature, he was elected for the first time since 2014 after winning back the state senator and trailing Minnesota governor to a three-game winning streak. Tim Waltz (D) won the second period on Tuesday, star tribune report.
  • What we see: Pennsylvania Democrats threaten Republican majority in state legislature, but no election has been called. Philadelphia Inquirer report.
  • Please keep in mind: Republicans still control overwhelming numbers of state legislatures and maintain control in states such as: Texas, Georgia, Florida When Ohioas a fellow at The Early 202 points out.

On the other hand, the vote fell

A Blow to Marijuana Legalization: South Dakota voted against a bill to legalize recreational marijuana for adults. Just two years ago, state voters approved a similar initiative, only to be overturned by the state Supreme Court shortly thereafter.

Voters could sink Montana’s “born alive” ballot measure. The results of an initiative calling for medical care for infants born alive, regardless of what stage of development they are in, are yet to be published.Roughly 89 percent Out of the votes, the bill is failing 52.6 percent To 47.4 percent.

  • New am: The Senate Finance Committee has released the latest bipartisan mental health care discussion draft containing policies aimed at integrating behavioral health and primary care.
  • On-tap next week: The Republican Senate will hold a leadership election on November 16th.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Conducting new health research To determine whether veterans once stationed on closed California military bases were exposed to dangerously high levels of cancer-causing toxins. Associated Press report.

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