He started going to the gym in his 60s and is still going strong at 94

Mario Sanna is in his 90s and still in good health. (Photo: Facebook@LindaTarff)

For this great-grandfather who joined the gym in his 60s and never looked back, age is just a number.

Mario Sanna, 94, is the oldest member of the I-Motion gym in Rotherham, England, and attends two-hour workout sessions twice a week.

Exercise bikes, rowing machines, leg presses, bicep curls and Pilates classes are all part of his regular workout routine.

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“I use everything the gym has to offer, from spinning classes to weightlifting to walking machines, all sorts of machines,” says Mario.

“I do Pilates and whatever helps me get more fit. I lift 25kg bars and ride cables.”

The former railroad engineer devoted himself to staying fit when he started working out in retirement 30 years ago.

An eye problem prevents him from driving to the gym, but he says friends take him to workouts every Tuesday and Friday morning.

Mario says exercise isn’t the only reason he likes it. He’s there for people too.

old age, gym, grandpa

He is a regular at the I-Motion gym and considers his staff, including personal trainer Hannah Atkinson, part of his family. (Photo: Facebook@LindaTarff)

“It’s also a great opportunity for me, and for others, to meet other people, socialize, and make friends,” he says.

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Jim considers him part of the family and recently celebrated his birthday with him.

“Today we celebrated the birthday of one of our longest-serving members with him. Mario turned 94 on Sunday and celebrated with his family at home in Wales. He was able to celebrate with his second family here at I-Motion,” Jim posted on his social media feeds.

old age, gym, grandpa

In November, Mario celebrated his 94th birthday with Hannah and other gym employees. (Photo: Facebook@LindaTarff)

Mario encourages others to take care of their bodies as much as he does.

“In my opinion, the body needs to be in motion. It may be in motion even when you’re asleep. It’s a machine itself. If you leave it alone it will start to deteriorate.”

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