How can one baking show prove its point? Shelly shows the way

The Horns aren't boardroom dwellers, but they aren't, in the words of Shelly's husband,

The Horns aren’t boardroom dwellers, but they aren’t, in the words of Shelly’s husband, “living to their full potential.”

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It has become a ritual of the fall for me to share the level of football pain my husband is going through. (The last time a man threw a football was at the Darrell Royal Memorial football, and he was on our couches during the Texas/OU game last year.)

His trauma is 100% emotional, and it’s all thanks to an avid University of Texas football fan. This fall, he had such high hopes for an extraordinary season that he refreshed his UT wardrobe with a new sweatshirt.

But sadly, the Horns aren’t exactly boardroom dwellers as I write this, but they aren’t, in my husband’s words, ‘living to their full potential’ . This made all their close losses even more painful, and I truly believe that the only thing holding him up now is the team’s 49-0 victory over Oklahoma last month.

I try to distance myself from having to witness my husband’s different moods watching a UT game. Pouting, sending furious text messages at his UT football group and, like a signal after nearly every game, vowing never to see them again.

At first my husband didn’t really notice that I wasn’t there, but recently he asked me why I didn’t enjoy playing games with him. I told him that it wasn’t fun to continue playing football with him, so we must have very different notions of fun. It seemed

So I need to invite him to one of my favorite “sports”, a bread baking contest, to give him a taste of what it’s like to see someone on your team go crazy. I decided. I chose what I consider to be the Super Bowl of Sugar: The Holiday Baking Championship.

Less than two minutes into the show, I started screaming at the TV. Please use the baking sheet. ’ Then I started chanting aggressively. Spread that batter!

A few minutes later, when another contestant burnt caramel, I jumped off the couch and screamed. Caramel cannot be ignored. Hasn’t she read the recipe? Continuous stirring is required. Has this woman been washed out of culinary school or something? ”

Then I lost it when someone came up with the mundane idea of ​​making brownies. cookie?

During the judging, I was even more upset. “Do these so-called judges need an eye test? This one guy made a cake that looked like the one that came out of my Easy-Bake Oven in 1974 and he won. , the baker who made the 3 foot tall macaron tower is sent home. I stepped forward and let out a big sigh.

“Very funny,” said my husband, adding defiantly.

“Yeah,” he said with a smile. “You’re worse off.”

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