How to get healthier in 15 minutes a day

Life is full of competing priorities, and unless you can carve out hourly chunks of your day, you might think you don’t have time to exercise properly. But did you know that just 15 minutes of exercise a day can have a huge impact on your overall health?

Fifteen minutes may not seem like a lot to you, but fitness experts and scientific studies agree it’s enough to make a difference. Any amount of exercise is better than zero.if you fitness beginner Or, if you’ve been inactive for a long time, short workouts of 15 minutes are best to start with.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends starting with 10-15 minutes of activity per day when it comes to fitness. Whether it’s walking or something more complex, these short workouts are extremely beneficial for your body.

Keep in mind that exercise recommendations are not a one-size-fits-all. So it can take some time to figure out what you need, what you like, and what works for you. Always talk to your health care provider before starting a new regimen if you have any health conditions that may affect your exercise routine. Here’s what you need to know about

start simple

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If you get lost, start by walking. Walking is a great way to keep your body active without getting tired. Additionally, you can add 15 minutes of walking. your routine It’s easy, even if you’ve never exercised before.

A brisk walk can help get your heart rate up. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, this can help lower blood pressure and boost energy, as well as getting the body used to her workout routine and starting to build stamina. To get the most out of your walking workout, window remember that he’s not shopping. Make sure the pace is fast enough so that you can continue the conversation while increasing your breathing.

make sure you’re wearing good walking shoes Gives your feet plenty of support. Find a quiet nature trail to add some mental health benefits to the deal, or listen to music or podcasts to help the time pass faster. It’s especially helpful if you’re worried about focusing on time.

You can walk anywhere that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re walking around the park, neighborhood, treadmill, or apartment, movement is movement. Don’t be afraid to make time for walking and incorporate it into your daily routine. For example, if you take public transport, you can walk to the next stop instead of the one closest to your home.

If we walk further, perhaps walk faster, which is great. Because the blood becomes more active. This will also prepare you to move on to other, more intense workouts. Don’t feel like you have to push yourself into these workouts. Go at a pace that is comfortable for your body. There is no need to rush into a rigorous workout. Just 15 minutes of walking a day can make a real difference to your overall health.

Other 15 minute workouts

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if you don’t want to walk for you daily exercise goals Or, if you’re ready for more of a challenge, you can try another 15-minute workout.

15 minute workouts for different fitness levels include:

  • yoga: yoga practice It runs the full range at your experience level, so you can do several sequences in poses you feel comfortable in your living room. Depending on the style of yoga you practice, incorporate stretching, cardio, and/or strength training. I can.
  • High intensity interval training: HIIT is a great way to get your heart rate up by doing short bursts of maximal effort aerobic exercise followed by short rests. The interval is short and customizable, so you can easily fit it into 15 minutes. Don’t forget to leave rest days in between your HIIT workouts. For example, if he works out five days a week, you can include his HIIT workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and another type of workout on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Bodyweight training: body weight training It can be done at home and requires no equipment, making it perfect for those new to fitness. You are literally using your own body weight as resistance. Like HIIT, it can be done quickly in 15 minutes of free time.
  • Whole body workout: If you have limited time, it makes sense to do exercises that work several different muscle groups at once. Some activities, such as swimming and rowing, are true full-body exercises. You can also alternate between 15-minute exercises like push-ups and squats to get a full-body workout.

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Is 15 minutes enough?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise for adults each week. But what if he really only has 15 minutes a day to work out?

It’s nice to know that several studies over the years have found the benefits of short periods of exercise, such as 10, 15, or 20 minutes a day. For example, a 2011 study published in The Lancet concluded that 15 minutes of exercise a day could extend life. A 2016 study from the European Society of Cardiology found that older people who exercised for 15 minutes a day had a lower risk of death. Even 15 minutes of intense activity week One study in 2022 showed a lower risk of early death.

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A 15-minute workout is often a space filler or stepping stone, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you simply love a 15-minute workout or just don’t have the time for more, you’ll find the health benefits here.remember some of you daily activities It may also count towards your weekly physical activity allotment.

Keep in mind that your fitness routine should be balanced, even with shorter sessions. cardio and strength training, at the same time or on different days.Cardio strengthen your heart Lungs and lungs while strength training builds or tones muscles. Combining these two types of training provides a complete workout to keep your whole body fit. It’s also important to incorporate rest days into your schedule, especially if you’re doing a lot of strenuous activity.


Do not be afraid Start with a simple fitness routine After asking yourself how to start exercising, even if you have never exercised in your life. Going to the gym can be daunting, and watching workout videos can be daunting, but even just a walk around the neighborhood can have a positive impact on your overall health. You can improve your fitness just by going outside and moving your body. There are many ways to move your body. Just find a routine that works for you.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified physician if you have questions about your medical condition or health objectives. Talk to your health care provider.

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