Hundreds of Venezuelans ordered out of Mexico and deported to Juarez

JUAREZ — María de los Angeles Croce sleeps outside an immigration assistance agency’s office with a view of the U.S. border fence after U.S. Border Patrol deported her and about 500 other Venezuelan immigrants. I woke up to another day of terrifying uncertainty.

Dozens of Venezuelans are asking unanswered questions on Saturday morning. where do they sleep and where do they eat? what will they do next? During the deportation, Mexican authorities required the 25-year-old woman and others to sign a document saying they would leave the country “by their own means” within 15 days. But how? And where can she go?

What she experienced on her six-week overland journey from South America could fill the darkest chapters of García Márquez’s novel. She said she was overwhelmed by the failure of her efforts.

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