In Julie McCluskey’s Own Words: Democratic Candidates for House District 13 will work by a ‘make a promise, keep a promise’ policy-making method

Representative Julie McCluskey
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name: Julie McCluskey
Profession: Colorado House of Representatives 61st District
living place: Dillon
Length of Residence in Summit County: 21 years

Why am I eligible to work in rural communities like Grand County?

I know what it takes to live, work, and raise a family in the High Country of Colorado, so I am qualified to represent rural communities like Grand County. Her husband and I moved to Summit County over 21 years before her. Earning the badge isn’t easy, but Summit County, where she worked for 12 years, volunteered in the community, and raised children, is truly our home.

Having also served as State Representative for the past four years in the 61st District of the House (which includes Delta, Gunnison, Lake, Pitkin, and Summit counties), I am familiar with the challenges facing rural and rural resort communities. increase. Challenges such as access to affordable worker housing, health care and child care. During my first term, I served on the Rural Affairs and Agriculture Commission, which gave me the opportunity to work on issues specific to rural areas of the state. I championed funding local economic development organizations, passed laws to make health insurance more affordable on the western slopes, and prioritized funding for local schools.

I have spent time listening to and learning from voters. I am also committed to doing the same when I meet with people from Grand County and other counties in the 13th House.

How can Grand County get its fair share of funding and attention for issues like mental health care, early childhood education, Colorado River water conservation, and wildfire mitigation?

As Chairman of the Joint Budget Committee, I am in a unique position to lead the bipartisan effort to create the state’s budget. This includes prioritizing tens of millions of dollars in funding for Colorado’s water plan, far exceeding past annual investments. Following Colorado’s worst fire season on record in 2020, Congress passed significant investments in wildfire mitigation, containment and recovery, and we’re particularly focused on the East Troublesum area. prioritized funding for watershed recovery.

I have focused on improving rural education and health services, such as those found in Grand County. I passed a bill to refer Proposition EE to voters, and it passed in 2020 with strong voter support. Funding from this bill will support universal preschool for 4-year-olds starting in July 2023, and has already provided a total of $90 million. Especially for our rural school.

I filed the Colorado reinsurance bill. This bill cut health insurance premiums in the private market for those of us in Western Slopes by 36% and co-sponsored legislation to cap the price of insulin. Our local hospital has received $10 million in support for her critical one-off needs and has extended tax credits to her leader in rural health care who trains and mentors medical students. Did. Both bills I sponsored this year.

Additionally, in the housing sector, we worked with Habitat for Humanity and other housing advocates to incentivize employee housing projects by removing barriers to development (HB21-1271). Forty-five counties and municipalities received their first round of planning grants through this act, including communities here in Grand County. I also co-sponsored a bill providing $90 million to rural and rural resort communities for affordable housing projects (HB22-1304).

What three issues are at the top of your legislative to-do list?

  1. Making Affordability a Priority: Workforce and Housing for Seniors — We’ve made great strides in creating affordable housing in the High Country, but there’s still work to be done. I plan to enact legislation to establish data collection systems to accurately identify minpaku/short term rentals and ensure compliance with local rules and regulations.
  2. Ensuring Student Success: Funding Schools — As Chair of the School Finance Committee, I will work with Democrats and Republicans to create a fairer, more We are continuing our march to pay off the stability factor.
  3. Protect Colorado’s Land: Water and Wildfires — With climate change seriously threatening us, we will continue to protect Colorado’s water resources and invest more money in mitigating, preventing, and controlling wildfires. We purchased new personal protective equipment for our small, volunteer fire department last year, but we need to focus on sustainable funding for our Colorado fire department.

What makes Grand County residents trust you?

There is a saying, “Keep your promises, keep your promises”. This statement is true when the voter considers my goals and accomplishments in these four years. Each semester, we set goals according to the wishes of our voters and have achieved many of them. I plan to continue this battle for the next two years. For example, before I was first elected, I worked with Summit County’s local leaders on reinsurance policy and passed that bill during my first term.

I think that investing in working directly with people inside and outside the Capitol also builds trust. I have a strong open door policy and welcome communication from those who agree or disagree with my policy views. Open communication is essential to our success at the state level and we look forward to working with local elected leaders and voters in the Grand County community.

What are some of the issues you are working particularly hard on to cross party lines? Also, how do you plan to gain support from the opposition parties?

I frequently partner with the Republican Party on bills. The most significant examples of these bills include Reinsurance (HB19-1168), Local Firefighter Safety Resources (HB22-1194), and In-State Tuition for Colorado High School Graduates (HB22-1155). It is included. Success in the legislative branch depends on strong partnerships and relationships with voters and colleagues. I have had relationships like this with many Republicans in the Western Slopes and in rural Colorado. With the new Republicans, we will continue to do so.

We believe that our priorities of providing affordable housing, health and child care, and protecting our wonderful Colorado environment deserve input from all sides. I will not abandon my efforts to continue working bipartisanly in Congress.

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