Introducing UA’s 2022 Homecoming Court

homecoming queens

Vanessa Addison

Vanessa Addison has been nominated for Homecoming Queen by the Chemistry and Biochemistry Ambassadors. She majored in biochemistry and is currently involved in biomedical research on campus. Addison is deeply involved with the community through her work as a peer her mentor, SALT center tutor, emergency medical technician, and Sister José Women’s Center volunteer.

“Homecoming is all about the great tradition and legacy here at the University of Arizona, but being nominated is so humbling because it really gave me a way to give back to a school I care so much about,” Addison said. said.

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According to Addison, her two greatest passions are science and service. After she graduates, she plans to attend medical school, either as a General Surgeon or she will continue to serve the community as an OBG/YN.

Keira Connolly

Kiera Connolly was nominated for Homecoming Queen by Delta Sigma Pi, an organization she’s been a part of since her freshman year. She is a double major in Marketing and Management Information Systems. Last year, she was named one of Eller University’s top 50 women and recently joined Eller’s new mentorship program, Rising Stars in Marketing. She also works in the undergraduate admissions office. She is very passionate about her work there and she loves helping high school students choose their future path. Connolly is grateful not only for her nomination, but also for the camaraderie and friendship she has built with the other members of her Homecoming Court.

“experience [of being nominated] Nothing else like what I could have imagined. 10 of us get along very well,” Connolly said.

Alexia Esquivel

Alexia Esquivel has been nominated Homecoming Queen by the Errors Leadership Board. As an active member of the campus, Esquivel feels he represents his Wildcat community.

“I am currently president of the Error Leadership Board, and I feel that my board thinks it represents exactly what it means to be a wildcat,” Esquivel said. Told.

Esquivel loves the school spirit of UA. She is grateful to have found a community with her lifelong friends, especially in Error. Outside of her education, she loves music, boba and collecting records. In a different life, Esquivel said, she’s a theater major, and she’ll continue her consulting work at Protiviti after her graduation.

Giorgia Menetre

Giorgia Menetre has been nominated for Homecoming Queen by the Arizona Ambassador. She has been one of her guides on the organization’s official tours since her sophomore year and is now a member of her leadership team.

“[Arizona Ambassadors] The club is the one that helped me grow into the young woman I always wanted to be…I feel so honored to be nominated by a group of people who have truly changed me for the better. I’m here.

Menetre majored in Dance and Journalism with a minor in Public Relations. She has joined Dance Her Collective, a dance major’s club, Campus Her Ski Her Club, Elevation, and works as Digital Her Storyteller at an art college. She is a sponsored skier and she plans to one day work for the Outdoors She Extreme She Sports Company Social She Media Her Marketing.

morgan whitesell

Morgan Whitesell has been nominated Homecoming Queen by the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Professional Health Honors Awards. She majored in Psychological Science with a minor in Sports Nutrition and is the captain of her team of cheerleaders and mascots. Whitesell is very passionate about clubbing and she wants to leave an influential legacy for all of her organizations.

“[Being nominated for Homecoming queen] Walking onto campus as a freshman was something I never expected…it’s an unexpected blessing,” said Whitesell.

After graduation, she hopes to take a gap year to spend more time with her family before applying to the Physician Assistant program.

homecoming kings

Brandon Fuentes

Brandon Fuentes has been named Homecoming King by the Arizona Ambassador. Fuentes was inducted this spring, but he believes he made an immediate impact by serving as president of his class as a member of the Cub. Being nominated means a lot to him as he volunteers his time for an organization he loves.

“Being nominated through Ambassador means absolute worlds to me,” said Fuentes.

Fuentes loves getting to know his fellow kings and queens and has even stated that they plan to spend time with each other once Homecoming is over. I am excited to further my education with the goal of becoming a physician assistant. Ultimately, she hopes to change her career path to improve her healthcare system. She Fuentes loves playing volleyball and doing puzzles, which she became addicted to in order to strengthen her family bond.

Elijah Greenfield

Elijah Greenfield has been nominated Homecoming King by the American Society for Aeronautics and Space Sciences. He is in his UA’s Accelerated Master’s Program in Aerospace Engineering and hopes to work on building airplanes in the future. Greenfield has served as chairman of the organization for the past two years and has been a member of the board of directors for the past three years. The club saw great growth during his time with AIAA.

“The number of active members in the club has more than tripled and outreach events have doubled. I think my board recognizes all the hard work I put into this.” Greenfield said.

Greenfield is an out-of-state student from Utah who didn’t know anyone when he entered UA. According to Greenfield, the UA community created a welcoming atmosphere and, as highlighted by Homecoming, he was able to feel like part of his family. UA is a big campus with a small campus feel.

Outside of aerospace engineering, Greenfield loves rock climbing. He has climbed the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

Adam Houck

Adam Houck has been named Homecoming King by Lynx Jr. Honor. His greatest passion is putting a smile on people’s faces and making a positive impact on those around him. He is thrilled with his nomination and the opportunity to represent the Links Junior Honorary and all that it stands for. increase.

“Links cares deeply about the university and wants to help the community thrive, especially the Tucson community itself,” says Hauck.

After college, Hauck plans to travel the world as well as pursue a career in engineering.

Ben Kissel

Ben Kissel was nominated Homecoming King by the on-campus business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pie. Kissel studies economics and strives to be a leader in education. He became involved in his DSP as soon as he was started. I felt this was the reason his peers nominated him. He is always driven to be a leader, and running for king has the same importance.

“Thank you to the DSP for nominating me. [Kiera Connolley] Through the organization,” Kissel said.

Kissel was born and raised as a wildcat. Over the years, he’s followed UA Sports and joined his brother at UA in 2019. According to Kissel, he wanted to see what it was like to be a wildcat. A few fun facts about Kissel are that he loves golf, skiing, and juggling. After graduation, Kissel hopes to go to law school.

Quentin Step

Quentin Stepp has been nominated Homecoming king by the Eller College Dean’s Council and is part of Delta Sigma Pi. Stepp believes he was nominated for his determination and passion within his organization.

“I’m pretty involved and doing everything I can,” Stepp said.

Stepp is studying Economics at Eller College of Management. According to Stepp, Eller has acted to give back to the university as much as he can, and this is according to his own views within the university. He loves UA’s community and supportive culture.

“Large public schools are really similar, [UA] is a huge community and I feel very welcome here,” said Stepp.

Step continues to feel supported, especially throughout King’s process. He described getting out of his “error his bubble” and seeing the passion of others for his organization. Many of the candidates have expressed the same camaraderie as at UA Homecoming. Stepp loves camping and hiking, which he says was one of the reasons he chose UA.

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