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Wealthcare Launches New Enhancements to Patented Comfort Zone

Wealthcare Capital Management LLC, a technology-enabled full-service registered investment advisor supporting independent financial advisors and a NewSpring Holdings platform company, has announced upgraded Comfort Zone technology. their future in a simplified way.

The platform combines analytical and status reports into a new digital dashboard to create an easy-to-understand visual snapshot of how clients are progressing toward their financial and life goals, and abstract make concepts realistic and quantifiable.

Comfort Zone helps clients see how their financial decisions lead to goals and allows clients to play a more active role in the financial process. GDX360 (a value-based, goal-driven experience model for wealth care) and Comfort Zone help advisors build stronger relationships, maximize client loyalty, build new business and continue to scale Aiming to be

Transamerica Introduces Workplace Universal Life Insurance

Transamerica announced the availability of a new universal life insurance policy specifically designed to be an optional workplace benefit and an available policy that, for a fee, could pay up to three times the value of the policy’s death benefit. We have announced the availability of special combination combinations.

Key benefits of Transamerica Universal Life Insurance include:

  • Guaranteed issues without health questions for eligible applicants
  • Whole life insurance with flexible premiums
  • Multiple premium rating structures
  • Accumulation of cash value that can be borrowed
  • Multi-year warranty issuance may be available for more accessible registration
  • Guaranteed issuance may be available for dual-income spouses or stay-at-home parents
  • Aging alone will not raise prices

Transamerica Universal Life Insurance is available with three optional riders designed to add value by providing benefits to the living policyholder and preserving the value of the original death benefit.

Transamerica’s Chronic Condition Rider is designed to help insured people with chronic conditions pay accelerated benefits to meet their financial needs while they’re still alive. Benefits for chronic disease riders include:

  • Chronic disease persistence impacts benefit availability
  • 4% of the death benefit per month for up to 25 months if the insured is unable to perform 2 or more of the 6 specified activities of daily living or has severe cognitive impairment
  • Option to receive monthly benefits or a one-time lump sum payment
  • No restrictions on how the benefits can be used
  • There are no institutional requirements to receive benefits. This benefit may be paid for nursing homes, nursing homes, adequate care at home, and informal care from spouses, children, or loved ones.

The Benefit Extension Rider extends the monthly payment of 4% of the death benefit for an additional 25 months if the insured elects monthly payments under the Chronic Disease Rider.

The Benefits Recovery Rider recovers 100% of the monthly payment for each month the Chronic Disease Rider is paid. Endorsements guarantee that the beneficiaries of the insured receive the full death benefit and there are no restrictions on how they can be used.

Milliman Unveils Enhanced Retirement Protection Prediction Tool

Milliman, Inc. announces the launch of an enhanced Retirement Protection Prediction tool available to participants in Milliman-managed retirement plans. Developed by Milliman, the Retirement Income Security Assessment Score helps participants understand how prepared they are for financial risk in retirement.

The RISE score does more than just calculate your monthly retirement income by predicting retirement financial risks such as inflation, longevity, health care, markets, and withdrawal behavior. The backend technology and mathematics are complex, but the user experience is simple. Participants receive a retirement readiness assessment displayed like a credit score on a scale of 350 to 850.

The latest RISE enhancements include predicting the total value of a portfolio at retirement under three different market scenarios, converting the portfolio balance at retirement to an estimated monthly retirement income, and allowing participants to improve their scores. Includes expanded tips and strategies to help you Tax or loss savings.

T. Lowe Price Launches Emergency Savings App

T. Rowe Price launched Waysaver, a smart savings app that provides a safe and automated way for employees to create an emergency savings fund at an FDIC insurance bank.

T. Rowe Price designed the app and algorithms, and Galileo Financial Technologies provided a cloud-based digital platform and program management services to power the program. Interest-bearing deposit accounts are offered by FDIC member The Bancorp Bank, NA.

Customers of T. Rowe Price Retirement Plan Services can add Waysaver to their benefits offerings this year through integrated unplanned services. The solution is one of several enhancements the company has made to its financial wellness services and follows the announcement of a student loan debt solution in 2020 and a health savings account integration in 2019.

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