Medical officials advocate a “lower cost, better care” headline bus tour stop in

Protect Our Care’s Care Force One arrives in Reno Monday morning to highlight how measures in the Inflation Reduction Act will lower insurance premiums and prescription drug costs for millions of Americans. Did.

This law will work to reduce racial inequality in health care, improve care for the elderly, strengthen families and save lives.

During the event, Oscar Delgado, CEO of the Community Health Alliance, and Katie Charleson of the Nevada Health Exchange, announced that the Inflation Reduction Act will reduce health insurance premiums for more than 100,000 Nevadas, make prescription drugs more affordable, and reduce Nevada health insurance costs. We have explained how a person can access these savings.

“Community Health Alliance is the largest federally accredited medical center in Northern Nevada, serving more than 25,000 patients each year,” said Oscar Delgado, CEO of Community Health Alliance. “Having access to quality, affordable care significantly improves people’s lives. It means that we have access to the care we need to live a healthy life.”

“By 2021, 101,411 Nevadans will have health insurance through Nevada Health Link, and 90% of those enrolled will receive subsidies to make insurance more affordable.” said Katie Charleson of Nevada Health Link. “These tax credits will save one Nevada family of four in annual premiums of $4,184.52 and will be available to Nevadans for the next three years due to the Inflation Reduction Act. Opening Nov. 1 in just two weeks. With registration now open, we want Nevada people to know that their families may be eligible for tax credits and to make health insurance more affordable and accessible than ever before. ”

“As a community organizer, I speak to people in Nevada every day who are concerned about medical costs,” said Madison McGrath.. “Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, Nevada families can save thousands of dollars a year on health care costs. So many Nevadans have been waiting for these tax credits to be extended and are grateful that they can continue to purchase quality and affordable health care through Nevada HealthLink again during this open registration period. increase.”

“The Affordable Care Act saved my life,” said Laura Packard. “Five years ago, I went to the doctor with a persistent cough and was discharged with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I had good insurance through the ACA, and now the Inflation Reduction Act has made health insurance affordable for millions of Americans like me. Senators Cortez Masto and Rosen, Rep. Titus, Rep. Lee, and Reps. It paved the way for affordable healthcare.”

On Tuesday, the “Lower Cost, Better Care” tour continues in Las Vegas, with Sen. Jackie Rosen, Rep. Susie Lee, Rep. Dina Titus and other health care advocates joining Protect Our Care. increase. For more information, visit

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