Men’s march against violence honors medical school deans

The 2022 Men’s March Against Domestic Violence has returned to an in-person march starting in 2019.

The 28th annual march against male violence began outside the steps of Honolulu Hale and involved groups marching in the streets on Oct. 6 for the first time since the pandemic. About 100 men joined his 2022 march against violence.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, more than 10 million men and women are physically abused by intimate partners each year.

Nancy Creedman and Jerith Hedges
Nanci Kriedman presents Jerris Hedges with the ‘Distinguished Citizen of the Year’ award.

The traditional route down Beretania Street, Bishop Street and King Street is Jerith Hedgesuniversity deans Hawaii Manoa John A. Burns College of Medicine (Jabsom), having walked forward in previous marches. His upbringing has made him one of his leaders in the many communities that attend his men’s marches each year.

“When I was growing up, my brother, mother, and I dealt with a father who used violence to deal with some of the issues he had,” Hedges said in a news interview announcing the march. “Although he was prone to violence, he had a serious health condition that made it difficult for him to function on a daily basis, and he was also dealing with psychological and physical stressors in his life.” It’s not that different from what many families with violence problems have to deal with.”

For his tireless efforts, Hedges received the “Outstanding Citizen Award” from the Domestic Violence Action Center this year.

The Men’s March Against Violence Committee noted the “important difference” Hedges has made at the organizational and community level throughout his tenure as dean.Organizers said, “Hedges has addressed domestic violence and shared his beliefs on the issue with his community, colleagues, and colleagues.” Hawaiihealth care system. ”

“While we are very pleased to receive this recognition, we recognize that it represents the efforts of the University of Hawaii as a whole, and in particular the medical school’s efforts to raise awareness of domestic violence.” Mr Hedges said.

Training Future Doctors to Recognize Signs

since taking office Jabsom Fourteen years ago, Dean made it a priority to train future physicians how to recognize the warning signs of domestic violence and intervene appropriately.

“This is one of the things we try to share with medical students each year as we organize and collaborate with other departments at the university. Hawaii,” He said.

Jerith Hedges at the Men's March
Hedges at the 2022 Men’s March Against Domestic Violence

The annual march is always gloomy. Kelly Mr. Bayer of the Domestic Violence Action Center has charted all the deadly domestic violence events of the Domestic Violence Action Center. Hawaii He asked audience members at the Honolulu Hale grounds to never forget the names of victims since the last march. I asked the man to step up.

“Most of the perpetrators of domestic violence are men. must be established.

This was the last march in which Hedges would participate. Jabsom Dean. He is preparing to retire next year. Hawaii Back home, he promises that this year’s march won’t be his last.

“Families can stand up and do something to support those who suffer from domestic violence. It’s essential,” Hedges said.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact the Domestic Violence Action Center Helpline at (808) 531-3771 or visit

For more information, Jabsom website.

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