New Initiative Launched to Address Neglected Global Health Crisis of Alcohol Harm

$15 million Philanthropic awards double existing global funding. RESET alcohol primarily works in 15 countries. latin america, Africa, Asia

New York, November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alcohol consumption is a top ten cause of death, illness and injury, with widespread social and economic damage. Many of the alcohol-related harms are disproportionately affecting young adults, and research from multiple countries suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic has further increased drinking. Today, Vital Strategies announced his RESET alcohol. $15 million Initiatives to reduce alcohol-related harm in high-impact countries through policy change.

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$15 million Philanthropic awards double existing global funding. RESET alcohol works in 15 countries.

Public health work on alcohol is severely underfunded relative to the burden of the problem, and the charity award that founded RESET Alcohol is nearly double the existing global funding. Over the course of his three years, the initiative will help more than 15 countries develop policies such as raising the price of alcohol through taxation, regulating availability and restricting the marketing of alcohol.

“Each year, alcohol use kills millions and causes widespread suffering. Adam KarpatiSenior Vice President, Public Health Programs, Vital Strategies. “We cannot put the blame on individuals. No. We need policies that protect children and keep them healthy.Choose easy choices and check the influence of the industry. Through our strong partnerships, we do just that.

R.ESET alcohol is a collaboration of six global organizations. Vital Strategies leading the initiative.Movendi International; University of Illinois at Chicagothe Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA); the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Alliance; and the World Health Organization (WHO). RESET alcohol mainly supports the following countries: latin america, AfricaWhen Asia, with a focus on countries with large populations and high burdens. RESET Alcohol’s approach builds on the success of our partners in similar consortia dealing with tobacco and other harmful commodities. Bangladesh 17% in (2009-17) India (2010-17).

Alcohol consumption per capita drinker has increased consistently since 2005 in nearly every region of the world. Injuries and trauma such as suicide, murder, assault, falls, intimate partner violence, and vehicle crashes. Alcohol consumption is also associated with negative economic effects, from health care costs to lost productivity.

“Inaction has caused millions of preventable deaths and alcoholic suffering,” he said. jackie dropDirector, RESET Alcohol“Now is the time for governments to treat it like a public health crisis. People’s health and the economy will benefit when governments adopt policies proven to reduce alcohol-related harm.” ”

The purpose of RESET Alcohol is to advance the policies recommended in the World Health Organization’s Global Alcohol Action Plan and the SAFER Technology Package. Of particular importance are the taxation of alcohol and the regulation of marketing and availability. RESET Alcohol provides technical assistance to governments, improves national research and data collection, advocates resources for policy change, and initiates communication campaigns.

“For governments, especially given the global economic downturn, increasing taxes on alcohol is a win-win.” Jeffrey Drop, Research Professor at UIC. “Effective alcohol taxes reduce affordability, consumption, alcohol-related illness and premature death. This means lower healthcare costs and higher productivity from a healthier population. Taxes also generate revenue for governments to fund health programs and other social priorities. ”

Funding for RESET Alcohol was awarded through a grant from GiveWell directed to Vital Strategies. GiveWell is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding great giving opportunities and publishing their analytical details to help donors decide where to donate. GiveWell recommends high-impact, cost-effective charities backed by evidence and rigorous analysis.

“Alcohol is a major developmental impediment,” he said. Kristina Shperkova, President of Movendi International. “This is not only a clear health crisis, it is also a major social justice issue. RESET Alcohol can help governments push for proven alcohol policy solutions that will help millions of people “Thousands of people will be protected from harm caused by the alcohol industry, and the health of the most neglected and marginalized people and communities will be promoted.”

“Science-based policies, independent of commercial interests, are key to reducing alcohol harm around the world. Sally Caswellchairman and Global Alcohol Policy Alliance. “We look forward to helping adapt our best practice policies to new countries around the world and learning about local innovations. I am honored to be part of that mission.”

“There is an urgent need for a public health reset with smart policies to control alcohol death and disease.” Katie DaneCEO of NCD Alliance“We are proud to be part of RESET Alcohol, working to bring communities, governments and research partners together to drive change through critical alcohol policy.”

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About RESET alcohol

RESET Alcohol brings together governments, civil society and world leaders to advance the policies of the World Health Organization’s SAFER package to reduce the health, social and economic harm of alcohol. RESET alcohol activities include financial and technical support to governments, civil society organizations, and technology policy bodies. This initiative is led by Vital Strategies in partnership with Movendi International.tobacco science team based in University of Illinois at Chicagothe Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA); the NCD Alliance; and the World Health Organization (WHO).

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