New UH Research and Policy Center Improving Rural Health Goals

of Hawaii, Areas outside of Honolulu’s urban core are considered rural.

university Hawaii was newly established hmm Rural Health Research & Policy Center (RHRPC) received a $1 million grant from we Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Management.This funding was defended by we With Senator Brian Schatz we Congressman Ed Case year22 Federal Appropriations Process.

The new center, which launched in September, is focused on improving rural health care challenges. Hawaii Through policy-relevant research and practical, evidence-based strategies and recommendations, particularly on health workers and health equity.

A team of local health research and policy centers
of hmm Rural Health Research and Policy Center team. From left, Amy Ma and Rainie Geritz Goh (sitting), Chad Wolk and Amy Maria Grace (standing).

Hawaii As a non-contiguous multi-island state, it faces unique challenges, particularly access to healthcare for residents of neighboring islands, a shortage of providers, and an underrepresentation of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in healthcare workers. ‘ said the principal investigator. Amy Grace director of hmm Systems Office of Strategic Health Initiatives. “Many of these problems affect rural health, Hawaii are well known, but significant gaps have translated these challenges into specific policy solutions that are actionable and evidence-based. ”

in the short term, hmm RHRPC A plan to focus on priority areas and related challenges for the local health community HawaiiThis includes improved Medicare payments and federal designations such as a scoring system for areas of healthcare shortage. Hawaiiunique needs.

“We need much more focused action to close HawaiiRural health disparities have never been more severe,” said Rep. Ed Case (HI-01). “University Hawaii‘s new Rural Health Research and Policy Center will play an important role in addressing specific and unique healthcare needs. Hawaiirural community. I am very happy that Congress approved my funding request to help create this center. hmm and other key rural health stakeholders Hawaii to further these efforts. ”

New Initiatives in Collaboration with Health Partners

The Center works with key rural health partners. Hawaii State Rural Health Association, State Hawaii Primary Care and Rural Health Department, Hawaii/Pacific Basin Area Health Education Center and Pacific Basin Telehealth Resource Center. Focus groups and field visits to affected areas statewide and key stakeholders provide the Center with important information to support its research and policy efforts.

Closing requires much more focused action Hawaiirural health inequalities have never been so severe.
we Congressman Ed Case

“We want to ensure that RHRPC‘s work is holistically aligned with the needs of our rural communities and encompasses concerns and potential solutions from rural health stakeholders around the world. Hawaii,” Said Kelly WitheyCollaborator and Director Hawaii/ Pacific Basin Area Health Education Center at John A. Burns School of Medicine.

the grant is RHRPC 1 year with the core staff, Hawaii State Rural Health Association for outreach and stakeholder engagement, and subcontracting services as needed to meet major research needs. RHRPC We also plan to pursue grants and additional funding opportunities to ensure the Center’s continued sustainability.

“as Hawaiithe only public higher education institution, hmm In addition, its health sciences programs play an important role in educating state and local health care workers and addressing health challenges. RHRPC It plays a key role in advancing research and policy solutions to improve the health of rural communities across the world. Hawaiiand a big thank you to Senator Schatz and Rep. Case for helping establish this center,” Grace said.

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