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When it comes to easily training your clients and keeping them fit, these are the six must-have downloadable apps that personal trainers swear by.

These apps help trainers properly fuel their bodies to reach their goals, program and track their clients’ fitness plans and food intake, and keep their workout sessions fresh and engaging. increase.

my fitness pal

MyFitnessPal is arguably one of the most essential apps for personal trainers.

As you may have heard, nutrition is 80% of the results. MyFitnessPal allows trainers and their clients to track their macronutrient (protein, fat, carb) and calorie intake.

Consistency is key when you are tasked with specific fat loss or muscle gain goals.

my fitness pal

my fitness pal

His or her salt-worthy trainer has a degree or certification in nutrition that complements training sessions and can safely program a client’s nutrition plan. You can monitor your macronutrient and calorie intake to ensure your clients are making consistent progress toward meeting their goals.

MyFitnessPal also has a learning algorithm that recalls food and recipe repetitions, encouraging users to save frequently used foods. quick add option.

How to use MyFitnessPal’s food tracking feature

  • open the app
  • Please enter the food you are about to eat
  • Please enter the correct and exact portion size
  • Tap the macronutrients page to see protein, fat, and carbohydrate numbers for foods
  • Continue throughout the day until you reach your daily goal

A nutrition-certified personal trainer should, at a minimum, offer clients a wide range of nutritional “plans”, whether macronutrient-focused, calorie-focused, or both .

For example, for a bodybuilding client, I use a macronutrient- and calorie-focused plan to ensure she’s hitting her goals for the day, especially protein.

Since she spends most of her time in the gym building her back by breaking down tissue and building muscle (hypertrophy), she needs a good amount of protein, muscle repair to properly fuel each session. It is important to eat macronutrients, and structural goals.

A monthly subscription of $19.99 allows users to scan food barcodes and track them easily. The free version works just as well, but requires the user to manually enter the food brand name and portion (by weight or cup).

At the end of the day, trainers and clients can see if they have met their nutritional goals.

Note: MyFitnessPal is not for lazy trackers. Keeping track of every small piece can seem tedious, but the biggest downside for most health-seekers is underestimating the calorie content of the portion sizes they eat. .

MyFitnessPal is available for free from the App Store and offers a premium subscription for $19.99/month. 146.9 MB and compatible with iOS 14 and later releases.

Seconds Pro

SecondsPro is an excellent app for anyone who enjoys working out with high intensity interval training (or Tabata) fitness modalities. Trainers can program workouts for themselves and their clients. play Let the app read out exercises, durations and sets in real time.

This is a special tool for trainers who go the extra mile to give their clients homework to do on their own.

Seconds Pro app

Seconds Pro app

Trainers can create workouts through the app and easily send these individual workouts to their clients. All the client needs to do is save the workout to her SecondsPro app and click play when she’s ready to complete the workout.

A $4.99 one-time subscription only allows trainers and recipients to send and save programmed workouts. This small fee is well worth it as the client can be held responsible for the trainer’s individualized workouts.

SecondsPro can be purchased from the App Store for a one-time fee of $4.99. It is 96.6MB and supports iOS14 or later.

apple health

Apple Health is a useful app for all trainers and clients, primarily for step counting and locomotion functions. For example, for a client training for a race, it’s important to keep track of their weekly mileage.

It is recommended that all Americans get 10,000 steps per day. The app makes it easy to see how close you are to reaching your step goal.

apple health

apple health

The app can also tell you if your headphones are always too loud or if your uneven strides when walking around put you at risk of falling in the future.

Apple Health is free and comes on your iPhone as part of iOS itself.

Map My Run

MapMyRun is a great workout tracking tool for both clients and trainers. No matter how you workout, MapMyRun tracks your workout duration, distance covered, and calories burned.

This is a great app especially for setting and running mileage or time goals. For example, if you decide you’re ready to tackle a 5-mile jog, the app will alert you every time you reach the next mile.

Map My Run

Map My Run

Paying the $5.99/month MVP version allows clients to set distance and time goals, then get coached to run, bike, or hike. Clients can share these workouts with their trainers as evidence of completing their homework assignments.

Note that predicted calorie consumption is not completely reliable. For example, a stair-running workout could burn him over 1,000 calories per hour in the app, but this takes into account the breaks the user takes during the activity (whether standing or walking). not.

MapMyRun is available for free from the App Store, but you can purchase the premium MVP version for $5.99. 283.9 MB and compatible with devices running iOS 13 and above.


YouTube is a great tool for finding new fitness programming material for your clients if trainers use it wisely and carefully. It’s also a great tool for those who want to embark on a fitness journey but don’t want to hire a personal trainer first.

The hallmarks of a good trainer are those who keep the client in constant tension, switch workouts with progressive overload in mind, and keep the client engaged and excited about the workout routine.

YouTube: Growing Anana

YouTube: Growing Anana

It is important for trainers to first ensure that content borrowed from YouTuber videos is certified training material. It is important to consider proper form and exercise selection in emulation. Especially if you’re into YouTube workouts that aren’t supervised or have no fitness coaching experience.

Also be careful when paying attention to nutrition advice from “fellow science” rather than guidance from a qualified professional. Whether or not it is possible is at the discretion of the trainer.

Conversely, YouTube is a great resource for learning what not to do. Seeing what other trainers are doing helps me orient myself within fitness, find my edge or ‘niche’, and see what works and what doesn’t work for me personally as a trainer. You can learn

I often turn to YouTube as a resource for creative inspiration when kickboxing and personal training material feels outdated. Client retention depends on client satisfaction, so it’s important to keep your workouts fun, fresh, and safe.

For fun and free HIIT workouts, check out our YouTube channel growthannanas.

YouTube is available from the App Store for free and ad-supported viewing, but YouTube Premium is also available for $11.99 per month. Compatible with iOS 14 and above, it’s a 298.4 MB download.

app training

The Trainerize app is the perfect app for personal trainers who want to track their clients’ progress. The app allows trainers to devise fitness training programs, track meal plans, and communicate in real time.

Perfect for the transition from in-person to remote training in the post-COVID fitness sector, the app allows trainers to track their clients online, all in one place.

Clients can view workouts created and scheduled by trainers, track stats, take and record progress photos, and trigger rest timers. All of this can be done from your iPhone.

app training

app training

The trainer subscription fee depends on the number of clients. It’s free for a single client, but with the Grow plan, a trainer can have two clients on the app for $4.50 a month.

The Pro plan is $18/month for up to 5 clients. If demand is high, you can support 30 clients for $54/month with the Studio plan, or pay $270/month to handle an unlimited number of clients via the app.

Trainerize is compatible with iOS 11+ and is a 536.4 MB download.

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