news House Republicans Announce Major Reform of Key Committees Overseeing Energy, Health and Technology Policy

First fox: House Republican leaders have announced restructuring of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the primary panel that oversees a wide range of energy, healthcare and technology-related issues.

Rep. Kathy McMorris Rogers (R-Wash.), who recently became chairman of the Energy Commerce Commission, announced the changes on Wednesday, saying the commission would be “reorganized” to succeed in its mission. The reform will primarily affect the responsibilities of the panel’s subcommittees and change the way the committees address their priorities.

McMorris Rogers told Fox News Digital: “For 227 years, the Energy and Commerce Commission has led the way in solutions that keep America’s promises. In America, we lift more people out of poverty and the world.” We have raised the standard of living for millions of people,” he said. statement. “In this Congress, Republicans will continue to honor the Commission’s rich history to improve people’s lives and ensure America leads in a new era of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

“That is why we are reorienting the subcommittee to ensure that today’s biggest challenges and most important priorities are addressed, including reducing energy costs, winning over China, and building a safer future.” she continued.

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House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Kathy McMorris Rogers, Republican Washington, speaking at the 2019 Capitol Hearing.
(Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

This change will change the Energy Subcommittee to the Energy, Climate and Grid Security Subcommittee. The Environment and Climate Change Subcommittee will transition to the Environment, Manufacturing and Important Minerals Subcommittee. The Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee will become the Innovation, Data and Commerce Subcommittee.

The communications and technology and health and surveillance subcommittees remain unchanged.

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Overall, the changes to the Commission’s structure demonstrate how the Republican Commission, which has pledged to be proactive in addressing hot-button issues around energy, climate, big tech and health, will address these key issues. We are emphasizing what we are aiming for.

Under this change, the newly named Energy, Climate and Grid Security Subcommittee will have jurisdiction specifically for climate change issues. Republicans have argued that solutions to climate change go hand in hand with enhancing energy security.

House Energy and Natural Resources ranking member Frank Pallone, DN.J., will speak at the hearing on April 6, 2022.

House Energy and Natural Resources ranking member Frank Pallone, DN.J., will speak at the hearing on April 6, 2022.
(Aldrago/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The Environment, Manufacturing and Important Minerals Subcommittee will pursue policies that broadly reduce dependence on China’s supply chains, including those critical minerals supply chains that are essential for green energy development. The name change comes as Republicans continue to seek to allow reforms that would remove regulations they say hamper domestic manufacturing and mining.


And the Innovation, Data, and Commerce Subcommittee will explore solutions to the vulnerability of Americans’ data to abuse by big tech companies and the Chinese government.

McMorris Rogers said earlier this month that “trust and faith in representative government has been lost.” “Because federal agency accountability does not exist, the Biden administration is pushing radical policies to please its political allies. I am paying the price.

“The Energy and Commerce Commission plays a central role in solving the most important problems facing hardworking Americans: reducing costs, promoting free speech, and maintaining free markets.”

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