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How many sets to maximize muscle growth?

Earlier, we talked about rest periods between sets. But how many sets maximizes muscle growth? This is a valid question, which we try to answer below.

You should know that training your body to be healthier and fitter is not an exact science. The training method may not be the best for you, but it may be for them.

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So it can be hard to nail the coffin and say for sure how many sets to do or how to train this or that. You can try it yourself and see how it helps.

So how many sets will maximize muscle growth? To answer that, Mike Israetel, PhD in sports physiology and co-founder of Renaissance Periodization, a YouTube channel focused on muscle hypertrophy. I borrow the knowledge of Dr.

Check out his discussion on number of sets that maximizes muscle growth.

How many sets to maximize muscle growth?

According to fitness coaches, the golden rule for how many sets to do is clear. Enough to cause muscle growth, but not so much that it damages the muscle so much that it cannot be recovered in the next training session.

So how many sets will maximize muscle growth? It also depends on your fitness level and how often you go to the gym. For muscle by session, this is what Israetel came up with.

  • Beginner – 1-5 sets per session
  • Intermediate – 2-10 sets per session
  • Advanced – 3-10 sets per session

Start with the lowest number to get the “pumped” feeling and add 1-2 sets per week as your muscles get used to the work.

Number of Sets to Maximize Muscle Growth

As for the total number of sets per session, that number can vary between 15 and 25.

If you’re training large muscles like quads or back, the number will be closer to 15. But for smaller muscles like biceps and calves, that number is closer to 25. It can be more than that. Depending on your fitness level. However, be careful not to exceed 30 total sets per session as they fall into the junk volume category.

Junk Volume Weight Training – What It Is and Why You Should Avoid It

Now you know the answer for the number of sets that maximizes muscle growth. Click the video below to get an overview of this subject and hear Dr. Mike Israetel explain it.

Video – How many sets to maximize muscle growth?

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