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Fitness isn’t just about body changes, it’s not just about “after” and “before” pictures. Behind the toned bodies of women who’ve lost weight, gained weight, or just want to stay fit, there are inspiring stories about how they worked hard and made them feel satisfied with their fitness accomplishments. But some real stories are often left untold because of the glitz and glitz of the social media world that keeps us from reality. Thus the story loses its purpose. We didn’t want that to happen, so we bring you the real fitness stories of five women who struggled quite a bit on their way to fitness.

Hiding behind the screen of the phone is a real woman who struggles, gives up, falls, and rises to reach her fitness goals. One story is not like another. It shows that each of you is different and the results are different! There is a woman of

Shweta Badana: I didn’t quit because of my mental and physical health

Inspirational fitness stories from 5 real women. Image credit: Shweta

After her first pregnancy, she gained a whopping 30 kilos and was uncomfortable. She couldn’t breathe properly and was mentally affected. That was Shweta’s turning point! “I started working out a few months after I was pregnant. It was my first time exercising, so I was relieved. When I lost about 9 kilos in two months, I felt confident in my skin.” is now available,” she says.

Soon after, I became pregnant with my second child and weighed 98 kilograms. “All the problems happened and I was suffering again. But I started going to the gym and eating healthy to maintain a healthy weight.”

She struggled with cardio at first, but wanted to stay fit mentally and physically, so she didn’t give up. She was discouraged, but she didn’t stop. It’s now part of her routine!

“I may have been discouraged at times, but I kept going because of the physical and mental health I was suffering from.”

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Dineshwori Longjam: I exercised to stay happy and look beautiful

Covid-19 lockdown has made us all lazy. The story of Dineshwori is no exception. When coronavirus became the new normal, she gained weight without realizing she was so fat. and they suggested I should lose weight as it was the root cause of my problem.”

This led me to go to the gym and within 2 months I lost about 5kg with proper training and diet. “Medications cured my acne, but regular exercise and a healthy diet helped restore the glow on my face. Despite my busy schedule, I continued to exercise regularly and eat healthy.” I went back to my medium size and you can’t guess my age (40) from my skin,” she added.

Stay active, eat healthy, smile more…I now adhere strictly to this mantra of staying happy and looking beautiful.

Varsha Vats: Working out helped manage mood swings

fitness story
Inspirational fitness stories from 5 real women. Image credit: Varsha

Dealing with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Varsha struggled to keep up with her hormone fluctuations. She found it difficult, but she never gave up on her fitness journey.

“Mood swings were my biggest enemy. I usually don’t like doing cardio because it makes me short of breath. So I started with low-intensity exercise. We did a 30 minute workout in total.”

PCOS can get discouraged when they get stuck on their weight loss journey, but she didn’t give up. Keeping everything under control encouraged her to stay true to her fitness journey.

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Nikita Chauhan: Live Your Life Through Exercise

When Nikita realized she couldn’t climb 20 steps without struggling for air, she realized she needed to start working out. “That day, I decided not to be dependent on anyone or anything for my needs. I’ve become a social, extroverted person,” she says.

It wasn’t an easy road, but Nikita kept track of everything she was doing and slowly and steadily reached her goal within six months. She learned what her body needed and created a positive outlook that helped her get better results.

“Maintaining one’s health and fitness not only helps with a positive body image, but also stress and anxiety. I worry less, eat what I want and stay active in my workouts! My Metabolism is so good now.My feet don’t hurt all the time!Of course my stomach problems are gone until I eat all the cheese!

“I could see all the difference that happened in my body. I could beat my enemy, the stairs, I could run a mile and trek more without getting out of breath. Focusing on my health and my body has been the best decision I’ve made in recent times.It’s tough, but it’s worth it,” she says.

Satata Karmakar: Helped me stay positive and deal with health issues

fitness story
Inspirational fitness stories from 5 real women.Image credit: Satata

Conscious of her physical and mental health, Satata began her workout journey to feel more confident and positive! Regular training has given her strength and energy. Her posture has also improved. She suffered from colds and coughs due to a weakened immune system, but exercise cured her.

“Exercise has helped me combat all of my mental and physical health challenges. If you have a schedule, make sure you don’t miss a session.This fixed schedule has helped me fight loneliness, especially when I’m working from home. It gave me a reason to meet people.It’s like you’re doing something good for yourself.It’s like investing time and energy in something that’s yours alone,” she says.

Inspired by the transformational journeys of these amazing women? It’s time to jump on the bandwagon to stay healthy and happy.

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