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S.With Me: You don’t feel your best every day. And that’s okay! Maybe you’ve been up all night (whether you want to or not). Maybe the vacation stress is catching up with you. Or maybe your couch is just calling your name louder than usual.

So, should you try working out with zero energy? So says Karen “Kmax” Maxwell, Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Master Instructor at CycleBar. “As long as you keep moving, your mind and body will benefit,” she says.

“We can’t be 100% every day. That’s a big deal!” she says.

Exercising doesn’t necessarily mean achieving personal bests. Maxwell says the mental side of exercise is just as beneficial (if not more so) than the physical benefits. , serotonin and oxytocin are produced,” says Maxwell. “These are all hormones in the body that produce happiness, energy, love, and anything else that makes you feel good. Regular exercise boosts the levels of serotonin and dopamine that make us happy.”

And regardless of the type of workout or level of intensity, even “bad” training sessions are giving your body a regular routine. “Creating habits helps you realize that every day isn’t the best, but developing consistency can prevent too many ups and downs,” says Maxwell. The body responds to what we do consistently, and some days I don’t feel like it, so I have to rely on discipline.”

See what’s really going on and the words you tell yourself about the holidays. “If you tell yourself you’re tired, you’ll get tired,” says Maxwell. “If you say, ‘I’m feeling less energetic than usual, let’s go for a walk outside and get some fresh air to cheer me up,’ it can make a big difference. I believe in the mind-body connection, Tell yourself something and your body will follow.”

However, Maxwell says that if all you really need is a rest day or if you’re sick, respect your body. You don’t need to exercise when you are sick. It’s your body telling you to rest. ”

But if you want a mind-over-matter workout to get your endorphins pumping, ditch the goal and just move your body. Your plan for the day might have been to attend a spin class, but instead go for a long walk, connect with friends, or listen to a good audiobook. If so, recognize it and allow yourself not to use numbers to measure your progress,” she says. “Turn off your Apple Watch and adjust to your mood. You might surprise yourself.

Sorry Apple Watch. We will close those rings tomorrow.

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