news People go to the gym to reduce Tet weight gain

Lai Luan, a personal trainer at Elite Fitness in Hanoi, is full of workout enthusiasts.

he then Tet About 800 people came to his gym each day during the holidays from January 20th to 26th, 8-10 in person, an almost 50% increase from before the New Year. Most of them are young people, including salaried workers.

He says personal trainers are in high demand because people want to lose weight quickly after relaxing on vacation.

“Between 7am and 7pm, I have 1-1.5 hour sessions with 10 clients every day, so I have very little free time.”

Lai Luan trains clients.Photo courtesy of Ruan

Khanh Ha overeats traditional holiday food and gained 3 kilograms. So the 30-year-old hit the gym for lunch on her first day back at work last Friday.

She plans to go five times a week to stay in shape. Personal After her three workouts with her trainer, she already feels stronger and lighter.

In addition to going to the gym, many people also choose to practice yoga to improve their flexibility.

Yoga instructor Dat Ang says more than 300 people signed up for his class two months ago TetBut at the end of the year, everyone was busy with work, so only 200 people showed up.

However, after Tet After closing, the number of signatories jumped to 500.

Some programs focus on the basics, such as doing yoga to music, while others are tailored to specific needs, such as weight loss, or more advanced, such as power yoga.

Classes are usually held in the morning, afternoon and evening. About 200 people have enrolled in the weight loss program, mostly in her 40-60 year old group.

Practicing yoga regularly can help improve metabolism, weight loss and strength, he said.

Studies show that people who consistently practice yoga sleep better, get sick less often, and have stronger minds and bodies.

Because weight loss progresses gradually over time, trainers recommend a regular exercise schedule of 45-60 minutes per day along with a balanced diet.

Luan says exercise affects muscle, helping with fat burning, weight loss, and general fitness.

Exercise without equipment is a great way to burn calories and is great for people who haven’t exercised in a while.

Dat Anh (left) leads a yoga class.Photo credit: Ann

Dat Anh (L) teaches yoga classes.Photo credit: Ann

Anh recommends that beginners to yoga take foundation classes to learn more about the field and avoid injury. Beginners should start with easy exercises and avoid overly difficult movements.

Luan recommends eating dry food an hour before your workout to get the most out of your workout.

However, training after eating is not a good idea.

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