news SA Health launches patient-generated data project with The Clinician

SA Health, together with the Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health, will begin collecting and analyzing patient-reported measurements across South Australia through a new programme.

Patient-reported measurements (PRM) programs support clinical services that deliver “high-quality, patient-centered, value-driven care” by encouraging patients to report on their health outcomes and experiences.

SA Health and CIEH selected digital health company The Clinician through an open bidding process to help implement the program. They will leverage the latter’s ZEDOC platform and integrate it with her IT systems at SA Health to automate the distribution, collection and analysis of patient-reported results and experience measures.

why it matters

According to The Clinician, implementing patient-generated data into clinical services ensures that both patients and clinicians have “all the information they need to make the best decisions together.” .

Patients can complete surveys from anywhere on their preferred device, and clinical teams can access real-time results within their own IT systems.

The ZEDOC platform will be rolled out in several phases at select SA Health Services, with the first implementation set for mid-2023 and subsequent rollouts over the next two years. The program aims to enroll approximately 1 million patients and approximately 5,000 clinical staff using the system by mid-2025.

the bigger trend

two of the largest hospitals in Victoria, Cabrini Health and The Alfred also recently adopted The Clinicalian’s PRM technology to automate the collection and analysis of health data from colorectal cancer patients.

Second half of 2021, Singapore health tech agency Integrated Health Information Systems has begun rolling out the ZEDOC platform across the island city-state’s public health system.

Meanwhile, last year, based in Melbourne Northern Health has introduced a preconfigured version of the ZEDOC platform. It replaced the old patient registration and acceptance platform. This was part of the statewide expansion of the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department.

on record

Megan Scott, Program Director, CEIH PRM, said, “The introduction of real-time visualization of patient-reported measurements will enhance patient-clinician partnerships through improved decision-making to deliver patient-value-based healthcare. proven to do.

Ron Tenenbaum, CEO and co-founder of The Clinicalian, also commented.

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