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AhA full-on fitness campaign at the beginning of the year often seems like a good idea. But lifestyle overhauls are usually doomed to failure simply because they’re impractical. By taking the time to find exercises that you actually enjoy, you can develop healthy habits that you can stick to.

We asked fitness experts what one tip they would give to anyone wanting to get fitter or healthier in 2023. This was their answer.

start with small changes

If you try to imitate an Olympic athlete’s fitness routine, you’ll have a hard time maintaining it. Instead, make small tweaks to your day, like adding a series of squats before you shower, doubling your dog walks, or doing 10 jumping jacks every time you go to the bathroom. You can even use your kitchen worktop to do push-ups while you wait for your meal.
Jay Unwin, Mental and Physical Fitness Consultant

live by the 80/20 rule

Try sticking to 80% of your diet with whole, nutritious foods and incorporating the remaining 20% ​​into your favorite treats.
Francesca Lancaster nutritionist

take advantage of the environment

Two women jogging on the stairs outdoors.
Step in…the natural workout equipment is all around you. Photo: Hero Image/Alamy

Whether you’re at the beach, in the woods, or at your local park, there’s plenty of natural exercise equipment around you. Run up a skate pipe, find a log to use as a weight, use the steps to lunge up, or use the bike rack to dip your triceps.
Lori-Louise Boyton personal trainer

Rub your palms vigorously together before getting out of bed

It may sound strange, but doing this for a minute or two every morning can help boost your energy levels and help you perform more efficiently. It’s a good starting point for those who are stiff or have trouble moving.
Miranda McCarthy Accessible Yoga Specialist

Take a free exercise class

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find a new hobby. We also offer free trials in many places (such as our Zumba classes). As a plus-size dance fitness instructor, we understand that some people struggle to get started on their plans. By keeping an open mind and trying different classes, you are more likely to find something you enjoy and stick to it.
Kat Henrydance teacher

have dinner for breakfast

Many people don’t get enough protein in the morning, which affects not only their energy for exercise, but also their food choices throughout the day. Try roast chicken, potatoes and spinach, or fresh salmon, eggs and green vegetables for breakfast. It sets you up for the day better.
Talia Pellegrininutritional therapist

Reframe self-care as necessary

Whether it’s going to a yoga class, going for a walk, or going for a short run, carve out that time for yourself each day. Treat it as non-negotiable the same way you treat other forms of self-care, such as showering, eating, and brushing your teeth.
Claire Maceyoga teacher

Download the app and explore the outdoors

Hikers look out over beautiful coastal vistas on a clifftop trail.
On your feet… combine sightseeing and exercise. Photo: Jonathan Porter/Alamy

A gym class isn’t for everyone, but a hiking trip can combine sightseeing with exercise. Apps such as OS Maps, Strava, AllTrails, and Komoot are great for picking new and interesting routes for experienced and novices alike. You can also join a local walking group if you want to get used to the social environment.
Chris Bournefounder of a non-profit company green path outdoor

build muscle first

Most people switch to cardio when starting their fitness regime, but building muscle through lifting and bodyweight exercises is more important, especially for women going through menopause. is not. A tin can or water bottle will suffice.
Sam PalmerNurse, Menopausal Fitness Specialist

Remember 10 is a magic number

When it comes to fitness, the 10th class or workout is usually the breakthrough moment. If you feel like giving up early, keep going. Because there are moments when you just click and you start feeling the mental and physical benefits.
Rowan Fielden-CookTrainer, Mindset Coach

Add 15 minutes to your existing routine

If you’re having a hard time finding time to exercise, small adjustments to your day can make a big difference. For example, if you usually walk with your child to school in the morning, take the long route home.
Mari Carmen Sanchez Morriswomen’s health and fitness coach

use yoga props

A person in a side bend reaches out and touches a brick.
Props make yoga more adaptive. Photo: 10,000 hours/Getty Images

If you’re new to yoga, invest in blocks, straps, and other support tools, or find a studio that provides them. increase. It also helps make yoga more adaptable for people with disabilities and movement disorders.
basmagailyoga teacher

eat intuitively

Starting a “deprivation” diet to boost your fitness regime is common, but usually unsustainable. Eat what you want instead. Eat slowly and pay attention to textures, tastes, aromas, and your body’s signals that you’re full. You can prevent overeating by paying attention slowly.
Annabella Zadertherapist, coach

Intensity up

To get stronger, you need to exceed your body’s comfort level. For example, if you run for 15 minutes each day, try gradually increasing the distance you run in between, rather than the amount of time you spend running. You need to increase your stamina little by little and be aware of your body’s limits to avoid injury.
Duncan Atwoodpersonal trainer

Using a heart monitor while cycling

There are lots of technologies out there that help you tailor your workouts to your body’s needs. If you’re new to cycling or strength building, it’s a good idea to alternate energy levels.
Kelsey MitchellOlympic Cycling Champion

To meditation

Group stand, eyes closed, in a prayer position on a yoga mat.
After your workout, take time to restore your balance. Photo: SeventyFour/Getty Images/iStockphoto

It’s good for relaxation, but meditating after your workout can help lower cortisol levels and help balance you.
Blackë webster, mediaschool lunch teacher

be accountable

Writing your goals in a diary will help you stick to them. You can also arrange to meet a friend for an exercise session. Making it part of your schedule will make it easier to carve out time, especially if other people are involved.
Trisharppersonal trainer

breathing exercises

Functional breathing exercises you can learn online improve your health and fitness by helping you recover faster and train more comfortably for longer.
Matt Bagwell, Paralympics and team gb instructor

Set “smart” goals

When starting your fitness journey, it’s important to know exactly what you want to achieve before deciding how to reach it. Once you know that, it’s time to implement Smart Theory by setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable and relevant, and being time sensitive to your own needs.
Kirsten WhitehouseWomen’s Fitness and Mindset Coach

gamification routine

If you find it difficult to stick to basic exercises, try gamifying the process. Strava segments, streaks, virtual badges, online medals, and personal bests are common ways to stay motivated.
Michelle Flynn, Health Coach

try low pressure training

These are great low-impact, breath-driven exercises to help women strengthen their pelvic floor.In just 10 minutes a day, you can get the confidence you need to train without worrying about embarrassing accidents. .
Kirsty Victoriapostpartum health care workers

Throw away the all-or-nothing attitude

From eating well to exercising, staying fit can seem overwhelming. It’s always better to adopt healthy habits (like walking and eating extra fruit) than doing all at once.
Bex Hamill, fitness trainer

participate in group activities

Foot of a soccer player resting on the ball.
Please wear your boots. Photo: jacoblund/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Being part of a group is a great way to motivate and exercise in a fun and social way. From high-intensity interval training classes in the park to his five-a-side football with his colleagues, the options are many. By making it fun, they are more likely to learn to enjoy movement.
carol dowlingpersonal trainer

Prioritize form

Quality is more important than quantity when learning new exercises. Practice the correct technique with your trainer (or watch an online video) before you start adding more reps.
Adele Andersen, Bootcamp founder and online trainer

Eat 30 plant-based foods each week

We know fruits and vegetables are healthy, but so is variety. Studies have shown that eating a wide variety of plant-based foods improves gut health and protects against disease. It is also important to take deep breaths to increase stomach acid and improve digestion.
Anna Mapsonnutritional therapist

try a tempo run

By running a hard pace, you train your body to maintain speed for longer by running at least 10% less than your maximum effort.
Caria RaiFitness Influencer

soak in cold water

It's an ice bath.
Cold water immersion has many advantages. Photo: Oscar Costa/Alamy

Studies have shown that exposure to cold water has many positive benefits for the body, including preventing and treating muscle soreness, strengthening the immune system, and reducing stress and depression. It can also lower resistance and protect against cardiovascular disease and obesity.
James Davispsychologist, health coach

move your body in the water

Exercising in water is less stressful on your joints, making it ideal for beginners. If swimming isn’t your thing, why not join an aqua fitness class or try synchronized swimming with him. If you don’t have a team in your area, always try setting one up with your friends.
pippa bestHealth Coach

turn on music

Feeling bored while exercising? Playing music while training can distract from pain and fatigue, reduce perceived effort, and increase stamina and enjoyment.
Emma McCaffreyfitness trainer

Start with a basic full body session

To build muscle, start with a simple routine and repeat three times a week with time to rest in between. Try doing 3 sets of each exercise, 10 times each. Examples include squats, deadlifts, shoulder his presses, rows, bicep curls, dips, and triceps overhead his extensions.
Alexandra Renbodybuilder, trainer

up antioxidants

Foods rich in antioxidants reduce inflammation.
Foods rich in antioxidants reduce inflammation. Photo: Cavan Images/Alamy

Foods rich in zinc, vitamin C, and antioxidants reduce inflammation, which is especially important during exercise. Try adding herbs, berries, onions, and nuts to your diet, as well as beans and whole grains.
Hannah Hopenutritionist

Skeptical of expensive fads

People can become fit and healthy without special equipment or expensive diets. Instead of splurging on protein powders and weight-loss supplements, try making simple meals like soups and casseroles that you can make in bulk.
Andrew Telferhead coach of Wild Strong

use mind drill

Instead of saying “when you exercise” or “when you quit smoking”, change the words to “when”. By shifting your focus from potential to reality, you are more likely to adopt new healthy habits.
Ange McGroundleshealth professionals

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