news Watch Dwayne’s back: From injuries to skating rink fun

Dwayne Fitt has always been active throughout his life.

Dwayne’s days were fun, going to the gym every day and practicing martial arts jiu-jitsu. But that changed in 2020 when he injured his back while lifting weights and developed a partial herniated disc. He gradually gained weight and became a shadow of his former self.

“I injured my back and everything came to a halt…in my opinion it doesn’t heal. I was in constant pain. I started to gain a lot of weight. I met some people and it just seemed like I couldn’t do anything about it,” Dwayne said. loop.

It makes me very happy, so I continue.

But in the summer of 2022, things started to turn around for the 42-year-old security guard. why? He started roller skating.

It was a long forgotten childhood hobby, but was inspired after a short conversation with a friend.

“He asked me what I thought about COVID and what people were doing to get out. Then the topic of skating came up.

Roller skating or inline skating was suggested as Dwayne’s rehabilitation exercise.

“He says that because of the angles he must adopt to maintain balance, he works on the muscles along the lumbar spine, forcing them to activate and work where other activities cannot. There’s a lot of hip-focused movement, but the muscles around it build gradually because of skating and its gentleness.”

Dwayne followed up and started skating, learning at 246JustSkate. He said Loop had a rather “shaky” start, but after a few weeks of practice he realized the benefits.

“My back just didn’t seem to work. It’s still painful, but let’s try longer. I tried to be consistent, but now I can’t remember when I was in pain.” Hmm.

Roller skating provided him with the boost of serotonin, the happiness hormone he needed, and he also found a new community.

Skating is more than just exercise for Dwayne, it’s a family activity on weekends, where he goes with his girlfriend and daughter to the Kooiman parking lot or the Garfield Sober’s Gymnasium parking lot.

“I absolutely love it. Good environment, good vibes…that’s what makes me so happy right now and that’s why I keep doing it.”

For those curious but afraid of falling, Dwayne is a reminder that falling and failing are part of life.

But with a big smile on his face, he declared:

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