news X Factor star Honey G started a strict fitness regime after shedding a lot of weight while preparing to run a marathon.

X Factor star Honey G has revealed a strict fitness regime as she prepares for the London Marathon.

Honey G was one of the X Factor sensations and in 2016 became the series’ most memorable “novelty” act.


X Factor star Honey G maintains strict fitness regime ahead of London MarathonCredit: Twitter
The star hit the red carpet while attending the premiere of Rise of the Footsoldier


The star hit the red carpet while attending the premiere of Rise of the FootsoldierCredit: BackGrid
Honey G became the series' most memorable 'novelty' act in 2016.


Honey G became the series’ most memorable ‘novelty’ act in 2016.Credit: Splash News

And now, alongside her singing, she’s threw herself into a fitness life, recently completing four triathlons and a 20-mile run.

The star explains that she has slimmed down dramatically in recent months and has lost nearly two stones in lockdown in 2021.

The 41-year-old star sticks to a structured routine that includes constant running to set her up for any fitness challenge.

In an exclusive chat Tuesday night when she looked stylish on the Rise of the Footsoldier red carpet, she said:

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“Especially about marathon training. I follow a strict training regimen and I have to run long distances, so I run two or three times a week.

“I did a 20-mile race in October and after that I was a total cream cracker and literally couldn’t even walk.

The star doesn’t think about when she’ll finish the marathon, but says she’s more excited to run it for a mental health charity that “means a lot to her.”

She continues: I’m training a lot now because I run it with the Mental Health Foundation.I’ve also done 4 triathlons.

“Maybe I’ll do more triathlons. Obviously, April and May are when the triathlon season starts, so I’ll be doing two more triathlons this year.

“I balance fitness and music. I run a lot at night and I’m in the studio during the day, so it’s stressful.”

Honey finished fifth in the 2016 X Factor and signed to Simon Cowell’s label Syco. But she got her chops when her debut, The Honey G Show, fell through.

And Honey’s fitness journey didn’t deter her from her music, and she said she was in the studio every day and wrote.

“I want to release what I think will work, and I’m also exploring my singing side. You’ve seen me rapping a lot, but I sing too.” , it’s both,” Starr added.

Honey told The Sun in 2019, “Music is my love and passion and my ambition is to become a global music artist.

“I believe I am on stage.”

Honey G attended the launch of Rise of the Footsoldier: The Mobile Game + Screening of Rise of the Footsoldier: The Extreme Edition. Coming to theaters and digital platforms from February 6th.

Honey G runs several times a week to juggle her music career and fitness.


Honey G runs several times a week to juggle her music career and fitness.Credit: Instagram/@official_honey_g

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