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While the rest of the UK dealt with snow and freezing conditions, British TV star Zara McDermott escaped the chilly weather and enjoyed Barbados’ glorious sun, sea and sand. Looking like sunshine in a bright yellow bathing suit, McDermott posted photos of herself snorkeling in the water and enjoying cocktails on a boat. , ate rum punch 🍹,” she captioned the post. how does she stay healthy? Check out McDermott’s 5 ways to stay in shape, and the photos that prove it.Also, don’t miss these key ingredients to be perfectly prepared for the beach 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos Ever!

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McDermott makes protein pancakes with bananas for breakfast. “Banana has a calming effect on the intestines as it is rich in pectin, a water-soluble fiber that not only lowers cholesterol but also normalizes intestinal function.” Jo Lewin, Registered Dietitian, says:“The dietary fiber in bananas appears to promote satiety and reduce bloating. The resistant starch in bananas also has prebiotic effects, fueling gut bacteria and It increases the number of intestinal bacteria and produces beneficial compounds called short-chain fats and acids.”

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McDermott enjoys green smoothies made with vegetables and fruits. “Add a handful of spinach, a handful of kale, apple juice and a few mango cubes.” she says“I sometimes add half a banana or have it with kale, spinach or apple juice 🍏 Plus, scoop this collagen powder and add it.”

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i love mcdermott Tasty bowl of salmon, brown rice, vegetables (such as kale). “Fresh fish play an important role in reducing the effects of inflammation, which is key to helping manage many chronic diseases, including diabetes and cancer.” Lewin says“Studies show that eating oily fish like salmon may help reduce levels of markers that indicate inflammation.”

McDermott is an avid advocate of weightlifting and the many health benefits that come with it. “For about three years, I was stuck in a rut where I didn’t exercise and didn’t care what I put in my body.” she captioned the video“I took the plunge and devoted myself to weightlifting. I also learned a lot about nutrition. Honestly, it changed my life in so many ways. Every time I talk to someone who’s been in my position, I’ve learned a lot.” Years ago, I told them to lift weights.”

McDermott relies more on discipline than motivation when it comes to health and fitness. “I get asked a lot…” How do you stay motivated? I just can’t seem to stick to a routine’. The truth is I’m not. I’m not always motivated. she says“No one. I’m not superhuman. Training more than three times a week is non-negotiable. No matter how unmotivated I am, I still go. In my three years, I train. I haven’t gone a week without exercise” t trained at least three times (unless I’m sick). We all aim to exercise several times a week if possible You should! Three hours a week isn’t a lot of time to give up. And I always appreciate myself sessions. “

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