People get mad at my “flat” gym attire, but I don’t care.I’d rather die than change clothes

One fitness guru wears a revealing gym outfit and repeatedly shares how to avoid being bullied by others because of it.

Kayla Kaukola posts exercise content on social media and usually wears skimpy workout clothes to the gym when photographing herself.


Kayla Kaukola frequently posts gym prep and workout videos.Credit: TikTok/kaylzzzfit

In one example, Kayla posted a GRWM (Get Ready with Me) video on TikTok. She was wearing a baggy hoodie and sweatpants at first, but she was very covered.

She then threw the matching black high-waisted leggings, bandeau top, and high socks on the bed.

The video transitioned to a mirror selfie in which Kayla posed in costume.As she smiled, her chest, arms and upper body were fully exposed.

She also shared footage of her adding a black baseball cap to her look.

I was dress-specified at the gym and was told they had a
I was dress specified at the gym - I left, they claimed I made women 'uncomfortable'

“The cutest gym girl ever,” someone commented.

However, another wrote: I never could.

This is the type of comment Kayla often hears. She made a follow-up video in response to the haters.

Wearing the same bandeau and leggings, Kayla wrote,

At the same time, a viral audio of someone saying “undress” played, mimicking what people would say to Kayla.

The audio then continued with “I’d rather die”, paralleling Kayla’s point of view.

She began flexing the exposed arm muscles in her workout outfit.

“Loud and proud baby,” someone commented.

Others, however, seem to echo the ‘Karen’ mindset, with one saying, ‘Why don’t you dress appropriately? Why is modesty in public no longer an issue. There are other people who share the space.”

And some joked about risk factors, while others wrote: But they are so cute.

But she mostly received support, someone wrote: I want to see my muscles move! “

Since then, Kayla has stayed true to herself, sharing videos of her workouts at the gym and confidently wearing a bandeau sports bra.

Kayla said conservative women at her gym were pissed at her sports bra


Kayla said conservative women at her gym were pissed at her sports braCredit: TikTok/kaylzzzfit
Kayla posed in her 'revealing' workout clothes


Kayla posed in her ‘revealing’ workout clothesCredit: TikTok/kaylzzzfit
She wore a bandeau top and cutout leggings.


She wore a bandeau top and cutout leggings.Credit: TikTok/kaylzzzfit
Kayla shared a video of herself working out in an 'aggressive' outfit


Kayla shared a video of herself working out in an ‘aggressive’ outfitCredit: TikTok/kaylzzzfit

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