Russia flew stolen Western cash and weapons to Iran: report

Russia sent cash and stolen Western weapons to Iran in August. This is the first glimpse of what Tehran is getting in return for supporting Russia’s war effort in Ukraine.

“As usual, there is no free lunch in international politics, especially among the likes of Moscow and Tehran,” Venham Ben Talebul, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, told Fox News Digital. “Iran could not only use Ukraine as another testing ground for the threat posed by unmanned aerial vehicles, but also divert the world’s attention from the Middle East and power Putin’s war machine, which imposes death on Western nations with a tactic of shredding. can” .”

Ben Taleblu’s comments after a Sky News report on Tuesday revealed that Russia had flown more than $140 million worth of stolen Western anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles into Iran. , which included British NLAW anti-tank missiles, U.S. Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, which were part of a shipment to Ukraine but “fallen into Russian hands,” the outlet said, security sources said. I quoted and said..

Iran sent over 3,500 drones to Russia for war with Ukraine: Interdossier

President Putin of Russia.
(Russian Presidential Press Service via AP)

Sources said Western shipments of weapons could allow Iran to reverse engineer them and use them in future wars.

Sky News shared a satellite image purporting to show two Russian military cargo planes at Tehran’s Mehrabad airport in August, and sources said cash and munitions had been stolen by Iran over the past few months. It said it was Russia’s payment for the suicide drones it provided to Russia for use in Ukraine.

The source added that Russia has added drones worth more than $200 million in the past few days.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander General Hossein Salami (left) and Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Commander General Amir Ali Hajizadeh "Gaza" At an undisclosed location in Iran.

General Hossein Salami, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (left) and Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s aerospace division, unveiling a new drone called “Gaza” at an undisclosed location in Iran. The general is speaking.
(Sepah News via AP)

Zelensky says Russia ‘probably’ pays Iran’s drones to support nuclear research

“We now have a sliver of insight into what Russia is offering Iran in exchange for its roaming munitions and drones,” said Ben Taleburu. “Furthermore, the latest report validates past Israeli concerns about problems that may arise from the possible transfer of air defense systems to Ukraine, such as the Iron Dome.”

In October, Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who is expected to regain his position as prime minister after the 2022 Israeli parliamentary elections, expressed concern over Israel’s agreement to send anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine. He argued that such shipments risked ending up in Iran.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
(Ronen Zvern/Pool via AP)


In an interview with MSNBC in October, Netanyahu said, “When it comes to weapons issues, there’s always a possibility, and this has happened many times. On one battlefield, supplied weapons ended up in Iran’s hands, and I “It will be used against Israeli weapons on the Golan Heights trying to stop Iran from creating a second Lebanese front, a second terrorist front against us.” encountered.”

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