Shocking video of New York City man pushing stranger onto Brooklyn subway tracks

A disturbing new video shows a subway shovel pummeling a 32-year-old man from across a platform in Brooklyn, smashing him onto the tracks in an unprovoked attack.

The attack occurred around 2:40 pm on Friday on the northbound L train tracks at the Wyckoff Avenue and Myrtle Avenue subway stations, police said.

Police released footage of the assailant on Saturday, showing him standing on one side of the platform with his arms crossed as he walked back onto the track and spotted the target on the other side of the platform near another track.

The pushers are pointing in both directions as if to make sure the shore is clear. Then sprint to tackle him and knock him out with shoulders and hands.

The unsuspecting victim falls to the ground and rolls into the truck, leaving only sunglasses on the crowded platform. The attacker then returns to the starting location, picks up the backpack, and runs out of the turnstile.

Police said the victim was injured but was not hit by the train. A transportation worker who spoke with the victim told The Post on Friday that the man injured his shoulder.

The attack was not provocative. The victim suffered minor injuries to his shoulder.

A suspect has not yet been identified.

“He was shocked by what happened to him,” said the worker.

“It wasn’t that he had a confrontation with the guy or had an argument with him. It was just a random bump. He just got pushed into the truck – that’s what he said. into the truck.”

Police are now seeking help from the public to identify the attacker, who wore glasses, a yellow hoodie and a black jacket. 800-8477) or submit a tip online.

The attack is the latest troubling incident in a surge of violence in the Big Apple’s transportation system. Last week in the Bronx, a 26-year-old man was pushed onto his six tracks at East Bronx street station. Miguel Ramirez, 35, is currently facing charges including attempted murder in the attack.

A 48-year-old construction worker on Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue in Queens fell onto the tracks and was run over by an F train during a fight over a dropped cell phone.

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