Side effects of 5 minutes of daily exercise

If you’re pressed for time but want a quick workout, you’ll be amazed at the many benefits of just 5 minutes of exercise each day. Whether you’re doing a quick workout at home or running outdoors, listen up. Once you learn the benefits of doing short periods of physical activity, you won’t want to skip this healthy fitness session.

Working from home just got a lot more fun. By carving out time for mini-workouts, you can take short breaks and feel very accomplished. And if she’s been having a busy day at the office, dedicating just five minutes to her self-care in the morning or when she gets home is enough.

As with any exercise routine, consistency is key. So instead of feeling pressured to spend a significant amount of time each day on fitness, do what you can. All that matters is that you get to it! Read on to learn the side effects of exercising for five minutes each day.

Incorporating a few 5-minute workouts into your day will help you feel fuller.

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Also, rather than doing one long workout, breaking up your workout into several smaller sessions throughout the day is equally effective.Research published in journals obesity We observed a group of individuals who exercised for 1 hour each day (Group 1) and another group (Group 2) who did 12 5-minute workouts per day. Both groups had very comparable results. Interestingly, however, the intermittent exercise group 2 participant experienced greater satiety throughout the day than those who did not exercise. So, basically, five-minute exercise sessions scattered throughout the day not only made participants feel less hungry, but they also made them feel fuller.

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Extend your life with just 5 minutes of running every day.

According to a study published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology, just going for a 5-10 minute run every day is enough to help you live longer. This general physical activity has been found to reduce mortality from cardiovascular and other causes in active runners by as much as 29% to 50% of hers. Her easy five-minute run might entice a “healthy but sedentary person” to slip on her sneakers and head outside.

The intensity of your 5 minute workout can have a positive impact on your weight.

According to a study published in American Journal of Health PromotionUniversity of Utah, A short period of exercise above a certain intensity level can have as much positive impact on your weight as the recommended 10 minutes or longer.

Jessie X. Fan, Professor of Family and Consumer Studies at the University of Utah, described the findings of the study and said: This exercise is important because according to current physical activity guidelines, she’s less than 5% of American adults today achieving the recommended level of physical activity in a week. for. ”

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