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power lifter Larry Wheels His crazy strength feats have made him one of the most sought-after fitness athletes. After Liver King confessed to using steroids, Larry Wheels believes it was all a setting and designed to garner publicity.

An internet sensation, Liver King first came to prominence with his insanely toned physique and unique approach based on nine ancestral tenets. He quickly garnered more than 1.7 million followers on his Instagram thanks to his unconventional training methods and, of course, eating raw organ meats like liver.

Many were sold on Johnson’s mission to spread the ancestral way of life, but others, such as popular podcast host and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, weren’t convinced. Although not shy about claiming he had *, River King has repeatedly dismissed those accusations.

Earlier this week, PED expert Derek of More Plates More Dates (MPMD) leaked an email that allegedly proved that Liver King was indeed on steroids. The email listed the cycle he was allegedly using in his June of last year. Many in the fitness community were surprised to see Liver King spending up to $11,000 a month on growth hormone, in addition to using several other compounds.

Johnson issued a cryptic message saying he was “grateful” for the recent turn of events, but did not respond directly to Derek.Liver King has since released an apology video on his YouTube channel. , cleared the air on the subject. He confessed to using steroids and admitted that he still uses cycles under the guidance of a hormone specialist.

Larry Wheels accuses Liver King of orchestrating the email leak.

In a recent YouTube video, Larry Wheels claimed that Liver King planned and set up an email leak to promote his brand of Ancestral Supplements.

“Liver King has taken the internet by storm, especially the fitness industry. Every channel I follow is making videos about Liver King…I think this is organized. 2 cents of this email was leaked on purpose and every channel you can think of or at least make a video about him and the situation because he wanted this to happen I think it was done for. So it brings him a huge amount of traffic.”

Wheels doesn’t believe River King was sincere in his apology video.

“He has a loyal fan base that will stand by him no matter what, and I would even say he’s cult. He has just released an apology video in which he talks about how, for the most part, there has been a positive response from his fanbase who seem so forgiving of him.

“He’s going to grow out of this and that’s why I think it’s organized. Even if it’s not, he’s a smart guy for making it this far and making the most of this situation. We will go further.”

“I don’t think his apology is valid just because of the timing. It wasn’t until he was arrested and caught red-handed that he decided to apologize. came out, but was arrested and didn’t apologize. So does that work for me? No.”

In the past, Larry Wheels has shown the dramatic effect steroids had on his face. Since embarking on his rigorous TRT regimen, he seems happy with the results, adding that he’s still getting great pumps at the gym.

Larry recently decided to stop taking his steroid cycle. Instead, he uses only his TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). So far, he hasn’t noticed any dramatic changes in his mood or strength.Last month, he performed his 672.4-pound (305 kg) giant squat, repeating his six repetitions to achieve an extraordinary showed power.

You can watch the full video below:

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