Tornadoes: At least one person has died and several others are missing after more than a dozen tornadoes hit three states in Oklahoma, officials say.


At least one person was killed and several others went missing after tornadoes ravaged Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas late Friday, damaging homes and killing thousands as authorities launched search and rescue operations. has shut down.

The deceased was in McCarten County in southeastern Oklahoma, where a tornado may have hit the city of Idabel and was severely damaged by the storm, said Cody McDaniel, the county’s emergency management officer. “There are multiple missing persons,” he said.

Late Friday, authorities were trying to determine the extent of the damage and injuries, McDaniel said, adding, “It’s not good.”

In Texas, near the Oklahoma border, at least 50 homes were damaged or destroyed in Lamar County as of Friday night, the sheriff’s office said.

Tornado warnings were issued for Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri Friday night. This means a tornado is reported to be on the ground or indicated by weather radar. The Japan Meteorological Agency recommends that residents in the exclusion zone move to safer areas such as basements or back rooms.

Friday night’s preliminary report from the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center showed nine tornadoes formed in Texas, four in Arkansas, and one in Oklahoma.

Tornadoes at night are especially dangerous. Because tornadoes move quickly across an area, they are difficult to see. It is also more difficult to reliably warn residents during those hours.

Plus over 90,000 Arkansas, Louisiana, southeastern Oklahoma and eastern Texas were without power to homes and businesses as of Saturday, according to

Most of the reported tornadoes in Texas occurred along the Red River border with Oklahoma, with two counties reporting widespread damage.

The National Weather Service confirmed late Friday that a tornado traveling at 45 mph was detected in the city of Wrightsville in Pulaski County, Arkansas, just south of Little Rock.

The number of tornadoes recorded is likely to increase Saturday, and the strength of each will not be known until the local National Weather Service conducts a damage survey. This may take several days.

Tornado and severe thunderstorm monitoring in the area continued into early Saturday morning.

Tornado damage in Lamar County, Texas.

Lamar County officials declared a disaster after at least 10 people were injured when the tornado tore through the area, according to a news release from the county sheriff’s office.

Two of the injured were seriously injured, according to the sheriff’s office. Earlier Friday, a first responder was injured during a storm in the county and underwent surgery, county constable Stephen Hill told CNN.

“There was considerable damage and some injuries,” Lamar County Constable Travis Rose told CNN Friday night.

At least four homes were damaged on Friday in nearby Hopkins County, according to the county sheriff’s office.

A tornado landed in Sulfur Springs, Texas.

A woman in Choctaw County, Oklahoma, was injured in a fallen tree trying to reach a windbreak shelter, Choctaw Emergency Management Volunteer Lewis Collins told CNN. It is unknown if a tornado has formed in the area.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt said he was praying for those affected by the tornado.

“Search and rescue teams and generators have been sent to the Idabel area,” he lamented. “There were storms in Bryan, Choctaw and Le Flore counties, among others. Additional flash floods in some areas.”

The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security prompt Residents report storm damage online so they can coordinate their response.

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