Wives of Russian Soldiers Show Up at Ukrainian Border, Demanding Husbands Take Home, Report Says

Conscripted soldiers say goodbye to their families outside a military processing center on October 6, 2022 in Moscow, Russia.Sefa Karakan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

  • Insiders say the wives of Russian soldiers visited a military base on the Ukrainian border.

  • They said her husband had been wounded on the front lines and demanded that he be taken out of the country.

  • One woman said that if the officials didn’t help her, she would go to the front lines and rescue the soldiers herself.

The wives of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine have appeared at the border demanding to take their husbands home, reports Russia’s independent news agency Insider.

On Wednesday night, a group of about 20 relatives moved to a military base in Russia’s Valyiki, about 30 miles (50 km) from the Kharkov province of Ukraine, the outlet reported.

The group, mostly made up of women, called for their husbands to be removed from Ukraine after claiming they were wounded fighting on the front lines, insiders said. (The Insider is a Russian news agency and has nothing to do with Insider.)

“I’m ready to tear them apart,” one of the women told military base officials, according to an insider. I have to get you out of there.”

“There are a lot of injured people, so I want you to take them from there,” she added.

Another relative said she would go to the front and rescue soldiers herself if the authorities were unable to help them, the insider said on the Telegram channel of the independent Russian news agency Verstka. I quoted another report.

It’s unclear if the women received the answers they were looking for. Verstka reported that officials were helping the woman track down her husband.

Insiders were unable to independently verify these reports.

The report comes after Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu called on his forces to withdraw from Kherson. Kherson is the first major city occupied by Russia since the start of the invasion in February and the only provincial capital in Ukraine.

The announcement marked one of the most significant setbacks yet for Russia in the war in Ukraine.

U.S. Commander-in-Chief Mark Milley estimated Wednesday that more than 100,000 Russian soldiers have been “killed or wounded” since Russia invaded Ukraine, according to Reuters.

It is unknown where he received the numbers. Reuters and Insider have not independently verified the numbers.

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