WMed commits to supporting Kalamazoo graduates in medical school

Kalamazoo, Michigan (Wood) — A new scholarship is planned to attract Kalamazoo Public Schools graduates to Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine.

School leaders are WMed Promise Thursday. The fundraiser for it is still in progress, so it’s not open to applicants yet.

A WMed Promise is modeled, but not part of it. Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship This covers all tuition fees for KPS graduates at Michigan colleges.

“Kalamazoo has long been recognized as a national leader in supporting higher education since initiating the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship Program more than 16 years ago. Education has become more accessible and affordable: “Our hope is that these KPS graduates will practice medicine in Kalamazoo after graduation and residency training.”

The WMed Promise is open to KPS Alumni who are Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship recipients. He is currently the second Kalamazoo Promise recipient in medical school.

“We hope to increase this stat with the WMed Promise Scholarship,” said Termuhlen.

medical school Accepting donations online It is intended to allow the scholarship program to run permanently. Thursday’s release did not state the total amount the fundraiser is looking to raise.

The fundraiser will be chaired by Dr. Robert Gorman III, a WMed faculty member, local orthopedic surgeon, and KPS alumnus.

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