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Congress Returns to Washington Next week, that lame duck session will have two main objectives: to provide government funding for fiscal year 2023 and to pass defense program reauthorization for the 63rd consecutive year.

of National Defense Authorization Act It may approve the first new World Health Fund in the coming months, and although the law technically does not allocate funds, congressional approvers typically do what the approval bill says.

After holding closed-door meetings to sort out about 1,000 proposed amendments, the military commission agreed to a provision that would add $5 billion for global health security and pandemic preparedness, the people said. A Senate aide told Grace the Senate is expected to consider the bill as early as next week.

Amendment Proposed by the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez (DN.J.) and ranking members Jim Rich (R-Idaho), approve funds 5+ years of use. Their fix is:

  • Implement strategies formulated by the President and advance the policies of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for America’s global health security and foreign policy. global health security agenda
  • create a new president-appointed position in the State Department to coordinate and oversee the president’s strategy
  • Help launch the World Bank Fund for Global Health Security and Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness

“As the U.S. turns the pages of COVID-19, the reality is still out of reach for millions of people living across our borders,” Menendez said in a press release introducing the law. It will “strengthen our ability to take decisive action now and stop future infectious disease threats before they reach our shores.”

The Biden administration asked at $5 billion It’s just a fraction of the $125 billion in annual global health care spending. a group of Democrats was requested early this fall and set as an aid target by the United Nations. Democratic resolution has identified a $350 billion funding shortfall for essential health care services in the world’s poorest countries. The U.S. Agency for International Development also had him asking for $19 billion in 2022 alone.

The Covid-19 pandemic has wiped out previous global health advances against diseases such as tuberculosis. The number of cases increased for the first time in almost 20 years last year. In wealthier countries, more than three-quarters of his people are vaccinated against COVID-19, while in low-income countries he is only 12% vaccinated, according to the World Bank.

MPs tried to pass two packages to fight Covid abroad this spring, but failed. Items he allocates $5 billion for global health have been cut from the federal budget.

House of Representatives passed that version Congress needs to coordinate their actions before sending the final bill to President Joe Biden.

Here we explore the ideas and innovators shaping healthcare.

a new research Meditation shows that it might be just as good as taking the popular anxiety drug Lexapro. Please be aware of one thing.

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today pulse check podcast, Ruth speaks with Grace about a Supreme Court decision that could have far-reaching implications for who is responsible for ensuring an individual’s right to federally funded services.In addition, the University of Washington Institute for Health Measurement and Evaluation Director Chris Murray describes his new study that estimates immunity to Covid-19 by country.

doctor, nurse, doctor Assistants with a high percentage of artificial intelligence were twice as likely to diagnose patients with low left ventricular ejection fraction as assistants with a low percentage of artificial intelligence. This is evidence of heart failure. new research Found at the Mayo Clinic.

Early diagnosis of the condition is key to improving outcomes. Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are more likely to use AI than physicians, Ben reports.

“Artificial intelligence is poised to transform healthcare,” says the study. “But clinicians need to adopt her AI tools to have an impact on human health. …We found wide variation in adoption rates for AI recommendations.”

new Annual Report on the Global Vaccine Market Carmen reports from the World Health Organization, which recommends ways to mitigate the inequities in access to vaccines that Covid-19 has revealed:

  • Government invests in new vaccine technology, A regional R&D and manufacturing hub. Otherwise, pharmaceutical companies will continue to focus on the most profitable medicines and vaccines in rich countries.
  • Pandemic treaty under negotiation through WHO should guide countries On how vaccines should be shared in times of shortage.
  • The pharmaceutical industry needs to be more willing to share technology We are committed to helping developing countries access vaccines.

“Government oversight of vaccine production and distribution needs to be strengthened to better balance serving national interests and global public health objectives,” the report said.

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